A simple DP deceit quiz for Mao-Mbidde


Ashley George Liam Sembuze

Every human being is rational. But if your to justify DP issues rationally Hon. Mao n Hon Mbidde are moving the party into a wrong direction with respect to her objectives and goals for which it was started

The question is, why is it that all strong respectable men and woman from the party are against you and your only followed/not even supported by insignificant small weak boys  like members only, the likes of Siranda Blacks, Waiswa Mufumbira, Okidi and others?

Im not so informed, but is it by coincidence or intention that your camp is full of lawyers by title but none of them has a practicing licence? It was either withdrawn for forgery or failed to complete. And then the other side–they have all complete lawyers.

Mbidde’s going to Masindi was not bad because the day was national though hearts are hidden so we still have cause to doubt reason why he went there. Considering that Mbidde stood on the same podium with Yoweri K Museveni and openly declared ‘good DP’!.Where do you even get  moral authority to even say your opposition.?

Well perhaps i’m a fool on that but when you take an extra mile and use the NRM police to beat up DP members who organise assemblies for purposes of strengthening the party!! It takes a level of shamelessness visible only among NRM rulers to stand again among people and claim you lead an opposition party and you haven’t sold it.  

Now unfortunate Hon Norbert Mao, I say your unfortunate because all meetings you sit in with NRM officials have leaked, the last one being in Mbarara from where you drew the treacherous Masaka work plan.

The question is, is this the reason why DP was formed? Is this the role of the President and vice?

Realistically Mbidde and Mao don’t add yourself to the foolery Ugandans are undergoing under dictator Museveni. Be merciful Mao, your tribes mate have died in hoards at the hands of this government.

Lastly if M7 announce that there will b no opposition by 2021 and he begins ‘transferring’ members from your party  into his cabinet would you chase the remaining few or consolidate them to rebuild the party?

The bible says “Tunabalabilanga ku bikorwa byabwe. We shall see them from their acts. Your actions shout, KILL ALL BUGANDA POLITICIANS KILL OFF DP the pillar of change in the country

Respect is earned not demanded the way things are none will ever give a pint of respect to you two whichever English you speak

Ashley George Liam Sembuze



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