Fast Foods [Junk], a deadly slow poison on young generations daily menu

Chips Chicken soda . ..major junk foods on the on youths daily menu
Chips Chicken soda . ..major junk foods on the on youths daily menu
With the hard economic times, more Ugandans are also opting for cheaper means of survival especially with spending on food.
Many streets have been filled with Fast foods that are relatively cheap. These include deep-fried chicken, spicy flavored potato chips, king-size burgers, pizza and soft drinks.
Slow poison on daily menu

However, although research shows that fast food isn’t necessarily bad, but in many cases it’s highly processed and contains large amounts of carbohydrates, added sugar, unhealthy fats, and salt (sodium).

Researchers also note that these foods are often high in calories yet offer little or no nutritional value. When fast food frequently replaces nutritious foods in your diet, it can lead to poor nutrition, poor health, and weight gain. Have you ever asked yourself who inspects the deep fried chicken that you buy every evening accompanied by chips.
Being overweight is a risk factor for a variety of chronic health problems including heart disease, diabetes, and stroke.
According to the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, most people underestimate the number of calories they’re eating in a fast-food restaurant. A 2013 study published in JAMA Pediatrics showed that children and adolescents take in more calories in fast food and other restaurants than at home. Eating at a restaurant added between 160 and 310 calories a day.
Digestive and Cardiovascular Systems
Many fast foods and drinks are loaded with carbohydrates and, consequently, a lot of calories. Your digestive system breaks carbs down into sugar (glucose), which it then releases into your bloodstream. Your pancreas responds by releasing insulin, which is needed to transport sugar to cells throughout your body. As the sugar is absorbed, your blood sugar levels drop. When blood sugar gets low, your pancreas releases another hormone called glucagon. Glucagon tells the liver to start making use of stored sugars.
When everything is working in sync, blood sugar levels stay within a normal range. When you take in high amounts of carbs, it causes a spike in your blood sugar. That can alter the normal insulin response. Frequent spikes in blood sugar may be a contributing factor in insulin resistance and type 2 diabetes.
Perhaps the greatest challenge of consuming junk food mindlessly is the fact that its effects are invisible and do not always show up immediately. The doctor notes that foods that are deep fried or smoked contain a very high amount of calories from fat or carbohydrates, a lot of unsaturated and processed fats that increase low-density lipoproteins – “bad” cholesterol. The good fat is saturated fat.