~VIDEO~ Mukono District Chairman Andrew Ssenyonga shots resident over land saga


Residents of Nsanja village Mpunge sub-county in Mukono District are still in a state of shock after Mukono district Chairman Ruzindana Andrew Ssenyonga ordered his guard to shot one of them at a sand mining site

The still highly concealed shooting is just a part of a very big public land theft scandal unfolding at the district:It directly involves the entire district executive committee, councilors and the district engineer

The police vehicle at sight and Kayizzi, who was shot, handcuffed, arrested then hidden

The drama started with the district selling 1acre of public land with a public road and school named St Lawrence Primary School on it to one Charles Mutumba of Seeta-Mukono who is a sand dealer.

For a district node to mine sand in a public location, Mutumba who was escorted by Philder Muwanga the Mpunge sub county chairperson gave the district executives 21m which he handled to Mufuuwa Stephen the vice Chairman at the district offices on a weekend.

Mufuuwa immediately rushed to the controversial site and ‘launched’ sand mining which started right away and moves at a terribly high speed. The 21m was shared among district executives with the chairman getting 8m

The speedy sand mining created a deep valley in the area, living the school and road dangerously hanging by a thread while land occupants have been chased away uncompensated with the landlord saying he bought land from the district.

This led to a protest by the affected road users who blamed the LC5 chairman for not only selling public land but even the public school and road plus even allowing dangerous mining amidst residents complaints

Mukono LC5 chairman Ssenyonga talking to a man arrested at the site

This strike brew off the rid that exposed the district officers.

The chairman was forced to urgently call a meeting at fire house Mukono. The meeting was attended by Executive members, Lubuulwa Ann, Faisal Kigongo, Mufuuwa Vincent and councilors Majwala and Ssemakula Julius.

It was resolved in the meeting that a committee of inquiry be instituted and make a report.  Meanwhile the chairman decided to go to the site to ‘clear’ his name.

Ssenyonga with councilor Faisal and Majwala escorted by one police patrol vehicle and over ten Kifeesi crime preventers stormed the venue.

Most of the site workers dispersed as they had been warned of the impending arrest by the remaining executive members. On reaching at the site security indiscriminately started chasing, arresting and firing live bullets at anyone at the site. The chairman personally joined in the chase and interrogation of the arrested.

In the Fracas one worker identified only as Kayizzi of Nakisunga was shot in the leg by the LC5 chairman’s lead body guard and over 10 arrested and taken to Katosi police post but were later transferred to Mukono police where they were released days later without any case

The shot Kayizzi was handcuffed and taken to police but thereafter for fear of public out cry he is hidden into an unknown health centre where he is strictly now allowed to access anybody or receive any call

The committee report which the SpearTip dug out though councilors on the committee refused to sign it, implicates the district Engineer Mugisha, Vice chairman Mufuuwa Vincent, the district Chairman and Mpuunge councilor Ssemakula in this fracas.

The committee on lands and natural resources has Councillors; Lubuulwa Ann as chairperson [Nagojje], Ssozi Mukasa, [elderly], Muhumuza Asuman [Koome] Sabiiti Ssekisambu [Kasawo], Kizza Afuwa [Koome] Kabenge Abbas [Nabbaale]