Ugandan man gets lost in agony over maternal death, promises to go after God


A facebook activist Kahemba Babi has lost himself in agony after losing his old girl and newly married Friend who died in labour together with her unborn baby.

The agony has led Kahemba to question God’s wisdom as he posted; ” Feeling so disappointed with the so called “gods”, this OG  has passed away giving birth to a new angel. Both mum and baby gone. Why take good people and bad ones remain??? The gods will one day lose  credibility, defiant people will one day take an initiative to find out who real God is and things may never be the same again!! Who can protect good people from the angel of death?Rip  dear Aggy Williams”

Agnes Nambasa #Aggy Williams
She graduated with a Masters in Business Administration in February at MAK. and also got herself a man to marry and introduced him to her parents recently.











Last year during the Requiem mass for the late daughter of the ssekiboobo of Kyaggwe Benjamin Kikonyongo Kigongo the Buganda attorney general David Mpanga in his speech questioned clerics why God was only bent on taking Ugandan women in labour at a rate of 18per day and not the Germans or Britons. He requested people to give true answers and find remedy to save Ugandan mothers from dying in labour instead of putting it on God mbu Katonda yayiise munaffe” (that God has called our Freind).