SHAME as Sniff Dogs track robbers to police post in Mbale, embarrassed officers shot one

Police Dog in Nakaloke Mbaale tracked thieves back to police station [monitor photo]
Police officers who took sniffer dogs to track a night shop robbery got a life shock as dogs led them and a group of local residents to Nakaloke police post.
The incident happened in Nakaloke Mbaale last week.

Resident who followed the police dog all the way from Nakaloke town where the night

Police Dogs are now known to be perfect in tracking thieves. They tracked thieves back to police in Mbaale

robbery had taken place to police where it stopped turned rowdy demanding for the culprits heads and threatened to burn down the post.

In the ensuring scuffle with residents embarrassed police officer Identified as Habib Sunday shot 3 people Lydia Mulono, Dixon Libo and Bruhan Lwanga and reportedly killed one of them according to local TV station NTV.

The OC Nakaloke Police Station ASP Oliver Namudoola, could not be reached for an immediate comment on the matter.


Regional Police administration reacted by transferring all officers from the police post as a punishment.

Relationship between Uganda police and citizens is waning everyday and the president himself said “police is full of criminals” but ironically extended term of service to police chief Kale Kaihura