Sudhir Ruparelia, a tale of a big fish in a small pond


Maverick Blutaski

Case Study. Sudhir Ruparelia a few days ago was appearing in the Forbes Magazine as the “richest” man in East Africa with a net worth of $1BN. Then

When former Crane Bank Manager Mr.A.R. Kalan through the media raised a “red flag” , Sudhir used his PR machine and convinced the Public to disregard the ‘rumor’ saying that his manager will return to office soon. Before Kalan returns the Crane Bank Empire crumbled brick by brick.

All f a sudden we wake up and the man is frying “pan cakes”. It is a predictable pattern. All so called influential journalists in Kampala were falling over themselves to catch the eye of Sudhir to do PR work in return for a yellow handshake.

Now that the man is under water, the journalists and all speculators are scheming to craft new networks. But it is a small pond of economic cannibalism.

Dr.Sulaiman Kigundu a former Central Bank Governor and Greenland Bank Empire architect woke up one morning a sad man in jail, his empire up on smoke and finally into his grave.

The Sembule Brothers faded away quietly just like Uganda Railways.

There was Zimmwe construction. He was a member of the Kwagalana Group. Sudhir another member wanted all his properties seized even in death. It is a small system.

Haj. Nsamba of Nsamba Coffee Growers in Kawempe in the early 2000 was a boom with coffee beans export.

Mzee Hussein Shire of Tororo formerly of Gateway Bus Service. How Gateway Bus Service went under is hard to figure out.

Flight Capt.Joe Roy of DAAS Air Cargo, Conrad Properties, Dairo Handling Services, Ziwa Ranchers.

Bemuga of BEMUGA & Forwarders was a strategist plotting for the expected oil boom and before we knew it the oil was not coming out soon.

Let me tell you, when you are motivated to be the only big fish in a small pond you are bound to force the small fish out of the pond then die of starvation, as those help stabilize the eco-system of the small pond. The best option for all is to grow together and expand the pond as a strategic motivation based on the mutually beneficial economic relationships.

The fundamental pillars on which the economy of the small pond is run are faulty and until we all work together United by a shared vision we are all “walking on water”. NONE IS SAFE INSIDE A SINKING BOAT

Kabulasoke elders are worried about the collapse of big fishes.

Maverick Blutaski