Mr President, this is not the Uganda I would wish my grandchildren to live in.

Stella Nyanzi's twins
By Prof George W. Kanyeihamba
Imagine a country where the President declares publicly that his ministers are corrupt and the engine of the economy, the ministry of Finance, is managed by thieves. The President is reported to have also confirmed that there is rampant corruption and mafia in the police.
The Chief Justice, head of the Judiciary – the temple of justice – has publicly acknowledged that judges and magistrates are corrupt or incompetent, but sadly he has no powers to discipline them. In response, the Inspector General of Government (IGG) says she will no longer pursue “small fish” and wants to prosecute only the “big fish”.
Then the Speaker of Parliament not only declares decisions of some judges stupid, but from time to time warns Members of Parliament for their unlawful acts and behaviour.
Then a Cabinet minister is allegedly caught red-handed receiving solicited bribes. Mr President, would you wish to live in such a country or your grandchildren to grow in it?
Since the NRM came to power, there have been numerous commissions of inquiry and internal departmental probes appointed by the government to investigate corruption, abuse of office and mischievous behaviour in public institutions and bodies.
Resulting reports have been published and physically delivered to the disciplining authorities including the President, Speaker of Parliament, Chief Justice, Judicial Service Commission, IGG and the Inspector General of Police.
These reports have been widely published. Surprisingly, the authorities directly concerned with cleaning the system and disciplining, removing and punishing the culprits have either been toothless, apologetic or protective of those accused of these serious crimes.
Some of the workers in the government institutions who publicly make solemn promises to act correctly and refrain from acting criminally or refrain from violating the rule of law and the Constitution change their minds thereafter and benefit from the betrayal of their oaths and pledges.
Prof Kanyeihamba is a retired Supreme Court judge.