Bobi Versus Katinti: FDC has become it’s own enemy

Hon Katinti and Bobi Wine

I am seeing FDC supporters eating themselves over Bobi Wine Vs Apollo Kantinti candidature in Kyadondo East. Truth is both of them are as bad as Sitenda Sebalu in Parliament, because, quite frankly, there is nothing a winner of the election in Kyandondo East can influence in Parliament.

You see we are always told the functions of parliament and roles of MPs. They have all failed simply because Museveni failed the nation.

Firstly, look at the budgeting. How do Mps appropriate money? But didn’t they all get 150M quickly for cars and all they do is to pass money as Museveni wants? Even if Museveni asked for trillions to shave his bald head, those Mps would give him the money.

Secondly, look at oversight. Very terrible. We now lose trillions every year. To who? But don’t we have Mps?

Thirdly look at legislation. All the bills passed in parliament are in favour of a dictator. In fact once Museveni leaves, the next parliament shall to revisit all laws passed by parliament to amend them for good governance.

So why do people fight to go to parliament? Certainly not to represent the people.

And why are FDC supporters divided over candidates that seem to present an a similar argument for what they stand for? Simple. It is because FDC  has become a victim of the bad Museveni politics that have been entrenched in our country.

The core FDC support has become increasingly frustrated by the many years of fighting Museveni’s brutal system and that inevitably wears them down. Without resilience, the FDC supporters are in danger of unknowingly becoming problematic. You cannot fight a monster when most of the energy is wasted on weakening selves in internal battles. Comrades must know that their strength is in their abilities to weaken the vicious enemy.

And for me I don’t blame the supporters or our leaders. We can not be better in a terrible politic system. If leaders were even better than us ordinary followers, certainly Bobi and Kantinti would not be in the same race against NRM’s Sitenda Sebalu.

In an organised political system, the two are the best candidates to represent  Kyandondo but Sebalu  is obviously the candidate of choice for a dictator because a win would create a semblance of political support in a peri-urban constituency that has predominantly voted Museveni opponents.

We have all become as bad as the prevailing political system. Personally, even if I thought I can make a difference even at LC1, I will find difficulty to offer myself as leader under the current circumstances. It is not possible to change to influence anything.

We have few leaders left reorganise our misguided troops to focus on the bigger problem. Even where leaders exist, it may be hard for them to influence seemingly out-of-control supporters.

So Uganda stands now, we need a total overhaul of our political system that will also require behavioral change.

Politics must be a discipline that punishes indiscipline. It should never reward jokers. Otherwise, after 31yrs of destruction under Museveni, we shall never achieve anything better for our motherland unless we overhaul everything including our mindsets.

Let’s focus all our energy on burying the rotten head and parliament shall be sorted.

I support a total REVOLUTION.
By Ronald Muhinda and it was first published on his facebook account.