Mayor Byamukama: NRM Chairman tortured by his regime

The directive follow torture reports at the facility

Kamwenge Mayor Geoffrey Byamukama, whom police arrested and kept incommunicado since March, rotting away at Nakasero Hospital in Kampala with deep wounds to both knees and ankles.

My intitial reaction to this case is either  Karma is a bitch or the statement by warlord Museveni that the police has been infiltrated by criminal is factual?

The story of the tortured Kamwenge mayor Geoffrey Byamukama could give us some leads into the intrigue that is chewing the police and NRM.

This diehard NRM supporter commonly called commander Geoffrey fought tooth and nail to defeat ADF from the jungle of Kibaale national park and Kamwenge at large.
One of his achievements was the gunning down of a notorious ADF commander called Cobra, this success in combating the insurgency in the area earned him praises from his commander in chief and the people of Kamwenge.

From that recognition Byamukama become an asset for the brutal regime of Museveni during 2001 general elections,thus instead of facing armed combatants he was to be assigned the role of commanding a group of  vigilantes under Sgt Kareem. Their wicked order was not to allow candidate Dr Besigye a platform in his area of Kamwenge , in which Byamukama in conjunction with the UPDF Sergeant followed it up and totally humiliated Dr Besigye by blocking all his rallies in Kamwenge.

Now the irony is that , could there be a correlation between the statement of Museveni that the police has been infiltrated by criminals? Or could he perhaps be insinuating that there are elements of former ADF members in the police. We know that this police have been traditionally torturing suspects and to some extent involved in extra judicial killing of suspects. The evidence exists of the police patrol pick ups dumping bodies of their victims in swamps at night.

In the incidence of  Byamukama torture this could be motivated by revenge for his involvement in exterminating the ADF in Kamwenge and thus the elements of ADF in police are working within . Because what is the logic of an NRM heroic defender to be involved in murdering AIGP Felix Kawesi.
I am still searching for the connection between police and the regime and the torture inflicted upon Byamukama. Or is this how NRM rewards it’s heroes?