POLITICS OF COMMON SENSE: Can a Parliament that can not sustain a sim card registration extension resolve to close Nalufenya?


Uganda parliament keeps reminding me of a saying, “once you pick up one end of a stick, you inevitably pick up the other end”.
That if we make choices, we have automatically accepted the consequences to those choices.

The few opposition elite MPs in parliament have always warned fellow house members from accepting bribe from Mr. Museveni and the latter always acted careless, greedy and as if they’re expatriates. Forgetting that they were not only taking bribe but rather selling their powers to a single person not even cabinet but Museveni. Here we go….

Yesterday I watched the plenary bit ploughed my lungs out. Our Parliament was debating vigorously against Nalufenya Torture unit. Every debater recommended a closure of the unit. This comes after the report that was given by a delegation that was assigned the duty of checking what really happens in Nalufenya. Even this was deceit.

Winnie Kiiza and Muwanga Kivumbi had already told parliament of the tortures taking place in the unit.

Sheikhs were forced to eat pork and drink alcohol.

Was this because now an NRM cadre was also tortured that parliament will always act with vigour after an NRM apologist is the one harmed?

You sold your powers and parliament is now merely a club containing noise makers. The other day parliament issued an injunction against the blocking of sim cards that had not been registered yet as per the UCC directive and you actually suggested an extension to a full year. The next day a one Frank Tumwebaze who is not only a minister in cabinet but one of your own ordered for the block of sim cards.

Now how can a Parliament that cannot sustain a sim card registration extension resolve to close Nalufenya? Is this a joke!? I have learnt that Nsereko has also withdrawn the Tumwebaze impeachment because Uganda’s messiah Museveni gave three more months. Does this change the fact that Tumwebaze defied the Parliament? Therefore, once you pick up one end of the stick, you inevitably pick up the other

By Kitezaala Munzinyabigere



  1. Which parliament resolution has ever been implemented by the exective? UCB sale, cancellation of UMEME contract stopping signing of contracts with dubious oil companies etc which one was considered? even budget appropriation which is the cardinal role of parliament is never respected then closure of Nalufenya ee.. balota batambula remember “OVER MY DEAD BODY”