The ball owner was also the referee: Old village soccer rules

Village Soccer. Reminder of the past rules

Everyone has played village football before. This is a reminder of those old rules

Village soccer rules

1. The fat kid was always the goalkeeper
2. The owner of the ball decides who plays.
3. Penalties awarded only if injured player curses a lot.
4. The match only ends when everyone was tired.
5. No matter how many goals you score, the winner will be determined by the last team to
6. No referee and lines men. You could run with the ball even behind the goal post.
7. If no one has a football, a tin, plastic bottle or paper bags tied with ropes would do perfectly.
8. If you’re picked last, you’re a loser.
9. The guy who is not picked was to fetch the ball from the tree when it got stuck, under the car or tunnel to play in the next game.
10.Three corners=penalty
11. When the owner of the ball gets annoyed, game over.

–The owner of the ball takes all The penalties & free-kicks
–The ball owner was also a referee.
–The ball owner always selected all best players on his side.
–U challenge, blame or foul the owner of the ball, He automatically red-cards you!
–The team can add players as they come!
–Fighting in the game is allowed to settle a foul between players!
–Every score must be followed by loud quarrel/argument.
–As long as the goalkeeper raises his hands and doesn’t touch on the ball, its no goal even if its genuinely scored,
–The height of the goalkeeper determines the goal upper boundaries!
— A change of goal keeper was allowed before a penalty is taken.
–Darkness Always determined match end.