Nambooze to Mao: Stop mocking FDC on Kyadondo East loss


By Spear Team

Mukono municipality MP Betty Nambooze Bakireke has lambasted the Democratic Party President Norbert Mao for attacking opposition leaders in his opinion that was published in the Sunday Monitor. Tilted, ‘how the mighty fall: Bobi Wine’s displacement factor in Kyadondo,’

Mao said that Bobi Wine had dived into the old boy’s political pool and managed to displace those who had grown complacent and turned the political pool into their exclusive habitat.

“I don’t know why Mao is celebrating because he has failed the Democratic Party. In all the past by elections DP has had a candidate in only Aruu County and our candidate Bernard Orlogy Obina came third with 411 votes less than what he had achieved at first,” said Nambooze

She adds that DP has failed to field candidates in Kamuli, Toroma, Kagoma and in Karamoja which is an indication that even the few party structures that they had are dying and the party is headed for doom has been no person has been interested in being DP flag bearers.

Before Mao starts attacking other politicians, Nambooze says, he should first make DP relevant and not to join “the bandwagon of NRM by jubilating Bobi wine win as a loss for the opposition.”

She adds that after Mao killing DP, he now wants to see other parties fail too, that is why he is jubilating after FDC lost in Kyadondo.

“Mao needs to be reminded that the newly elected MP Kyagulanyi Ssentamu is more close to Besigye than he is to him [Mao] He openly testifies that he (Mao) asked Bobi Wine to stand on the DP ticket but he declined.

It is this that forced him to transfer the card to Lillian Kamoome and later she withdrew from the race, Mao is on record promising that within 24 we will communicate which candidate DP is backing but he never did so.”, Nambooze added

She wondered where Mao gets the authority to make fun of FDC if his candidate couldn’t complete the race.

“Sowed Kayongo who was an independent managed to finish the race and this in an insult to the Democratic Party and proves we need to make it great again,”

When contacted, Mao said he had no comment.

“What run in Monitor is my opinion and I stand by it, if she feels that she has issues that she doesn’t agree to let her write back,” he said.



  1. Afterall….! But Success Is Failure Plus Failure Without Loosing Hope!
    Once Loosers Are Winners After!
    But That Game Was Over & All Parties Voted Bobi!
    That One Who Claim That His Party Single Handedly Voted Wine Should Be Refered To Dr Nyanzi For A Fitting Appropriate Name!

  2. I have been at all times compelled to respond to every comment made by President Mao but for some reason beyond my inner self, let go ! Right after after makerere, Mao espoused the true values of shared humane responsibility more especially when on capital gang talk show, he reminded the then much feared head of the CMI, that morality commanded him to go a pick Naume from the UK. Moderator Kabushenga argued panelist to let sanity prevail ! Patrick Quarcoo, Winnie Byanyima and Frank Katusiime

  3. And it is pedestrian a talk to blame the establishment for his gaffes ! He is the embodiment of the unknown regarding leadership ! And an extension of the Mayanja Nkagi’s Abu Kakyama, Kategeya, Waphakabulo, and lately Sebbana kizitto and a host of them that put and still cherish mouth gain and ego above legacy !