Age limit: Enough is enough for Museveni–Gilbert Bukenya

Gilbert Bukenya
Gilbert Bukenya

Former Vice President, Gilbert Bukenya has said President Yoweri Museveni has ruled enough and it is time for him to leave power.

“Museveni must go. No amendments, no referendum “I advise NRM MPs to reject that proposal because it would be constitutionalizing dictatorship” Bukenya told BBS television Monday

The Constitutional Amendment Bill 2017 has since last week caught national attention as some NRM MPs seek to amend the constitution and scrap the upper presidential age limit so as to create room for Museveni’s life-presidency project.

When asked by BBS’s investigative journalist Nestrooy Kayongo about the age limit, the former vice president said he had had enough of Museveni leadership.

“Enough is enough for Museveni”.

“When a person reaches 75 years he begins to experience mental retardation (dementia),” Bukenya noted.

Bukenya whose political career came to an abrupt end last year, joins a multitude of Ugandans who are openly opposed to uplifting age limit as it will stretch Ugandans patience and hope which will lead to a civil war.



  1. point ov info to only those who knows the meaning ov politics and constuition.what i mean is like this,according to our constuition ,they say someboby cannot contest for presidency when he or she is above 75yrs.but opposition side allowed museveni to contest last yr with 72yr now remaining with 3yrs to go.but now ,his term will end in 2021. with my qn is added 2yrs are for what?is our constuition changed to 77yrs or he will not finish his term?after answering me.i will also give u my ans.