FUFA INJUCTION:Lira case dismissed, Mujib Kasule application pushed to tomorrow


Lady Justice Margaret Oguli Oumo of the High Court, Civil Division has adjourned to Friday (tomorrow) a case where former Fufa Vice President Mujib Kasule is seeking for a temporary injunction on the Fufa General Assembly scheduled this weekend

Kasule wanted to contest for the post of Fufa Presidency but failed to meet the necessary qualification Fufa electoral commission required.

Through his lawyers, Kenneth Nsubuga, Kasule applied for court action calling for a temporary injunction on the Fufa General Assembly.


FUFA lawyer Ambrose Tebyasa in his defense said the respondents did not disclose any justifiable reasons to have an injunction on the General Assembly.

“We do oppose this application as it does not disclose any justifiable circumstances and or reasons making it to be an urgent matter,” he said.

After hearing from both sides the judge ruled that the case and ruling on whether the urgent application of the injunction is certified or not will be done Friday.

Magogo has so far won two cases almost of the similar nature being thrown out by court On filed by football fans was trashed last week and another has been dismissed today (Thursday) in Lira High Court.

Fufa CEO, Edgar Watson and Fufa Electoral Committee Vice chairman, Yusuf Awuye attended the court session



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