Nambooze survives accident

Nambooze with lady admirer

Mukono Municipality Member of Parliament Nambooze Betty Bakireke has this evening survived car accident when her vehicle slid off the road into ridges after bursting one of its tyres.

The accident happened at Mayungwe-Butambala Thursday evening as the legislature rushed from an opposition anti- land bill rally at Bulo to another one Kibibi same county.

According to an eye witness the legislator’s Driver lost control of the car after it burst one of its rear tyres.

The car slide off the road, climbed an anthill before rolling twice across the road into a ridge

Area residents who rushed to the scene helped Nambooze and the three people she was traveling with out of the car. The three were not injured

Nambooze escaped the accident without injuries although she has been rushed to hospital complaining of chest pain.