Land grabbing; Amulu women undress before Amongi as men block road

Amulu residents block road
Amulu residents block road

The Amulu community in northern Uganda Yesterday put up a unified stringent fight against government land grabbers for the second time in a unique way as women again stripped naked this time before Lands minister, Betty Amongi

Strip for redress amulu women before land Minister PHOTO;

The minister had gone to the district with surveyors in a move to demarcate their land on which they have lived all their lives and a nature helitage to them.

To prevent the surveying exercise, women gathered undressed as men blockaded the road. When she arrived, Women stood before the minister, undressed and started chanting defiant songs.

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They openly accused government of trying to seize their lands through the new land amendments bill.

In 2015, Amuru women stripped naked before ministers protesting the planned demarcation of the disputed boundary between Amuru and Adjumani districts at Apaa, Pabbo Sub-county.

Amulu women undress 2015

The elderly women undressed before then Internal Affairs minister, Aronda Nyakairima and Lands minister, Daudi Migereko, who had gone with a team of surveyors from the ministry of Lands to plant mark stones in a bid to end the long-standing dispute between Amuru and Adjumani residents.

The land in question was being claimed by Uganda Wild Life Authority that it is part of East-Madi Game Reserve.

The police and army were forced to pull out from the disputed land.


Opposition leader Kiiza Besigye described the act as heroic:

“Amuru women (warriors) and their men once again defend their land from “Minister” Amongi’s forceful survey! Great Amuru defiance,”




  1. Am feeling sorry for Amongi because if she doesn’t go and get cleansed, she’s going to die just like Aronda Nyakairima died when he refused to go for cleansing after women of the same area undressed before him and Migereko but oh for the latter to rush and get cleansed.

  2. I truly don’t understand some people for instance Amongi ??? She should be the one to help this local poor residents to fight for their land anyway is it that as they say ” your best friend is the one who will destroy and kill you”