Angry Ugandan warns Minister Betty Amongi over Acholi land

Minister Betty Amongi

An angry Ugandan called George Okello has written a dossier cautioning Land Minister Betty Amongi to avoid resurrecting old wars between the Langi and Acholi by supporting the take over of the latter’s land for cane growing.
The strongly worded dossier is reproduced here with some minor editing;

The heat is mounting on Amongi Betty. She is a complete outcast now in Lango. She has become one of the most reviled and hated characters in the over 250 history of the people of Lango. To be an arse-licker of a brutal Rwandan Museveni was too much for any self-respecting Lango man or woman to take.

Worse of all, she is being seen as an asset by the regime, as battering ram to re-open past conflicts between Lango and Acholi in its divide and rule tactics. But the people of Lango are not going to fall into that trap.

No one is going to ever force them to engage in Museveni’s vile policy of setting his victims against each other. No one wants to shed blood of any innocent person. Let Amongi know she crossed the line by siding with the oppressor and betraying her own people. She has reached a point of no return

Amongi is scum and she knows it. In the old days, she would have been pulled before a tribal court and given 50 lashes of the cane on her bare buttocks. But we cant do that today, This however does not remove the stark reality staring at Amongi in the face. Her days are numbered as an MP. She is never never going to win any price or kudos in this war. This is a war that the people of Acholi are prepared to fight to the finish, just like most Ugandans are prepared to pay the ultimate sacrifice to protect their land from being grabbed by the occupiers. I am not going to warn Amongi again.



  1. Amongi ur name meas nothing,
    Remember that ur not the first probaganda in Uganda minister.someone had being in that position before u.
    First stop probaganda hair the u may think big.Acholi and langis are now in deeply relationship we shall not go back for war between us.
    Ur not a mother of children were by in ur mind love ur children fighting .