Mao blames Northern Uganda leaders for Amulu land wrangles

Concerned. DP president Norbert Mao
Concerned. DP president Norbert Mao

I have seen some attempts by those behind the current land saga in Amuru desperately trying to defend their resort to violent land acquisition by saying that I am in support of their actions. That is understandable. They want to use my name as a cloak of credibility to cover their nakedness. I wonder why they want to speak for me yet I can speak for myself.

As a transformational leader, my track record is clear. Violent and illegal land acquisition is totally unacceptable.

My model of large scale farming is visible in the case of Attiak Sugar which I supported from day one. Initially some people opposed the idea but now there is full support. The challenges that remain are within the realm of the manageable. That is my trade mark. Leading by example.

I have given advice to all the key actors (cultural leaders, political leaders, community members and the so called land owners, and even the government). In fact in 2008, I was the one as Gulu District Chairman who asked Museveni during a public meeting to let the Lawirwodi spearhead a consultative process to build consensus. That process never bore any fruit. I published my views in two articles. My views haven’t changed. These views are on this Facebook page for all to see.

This year I addressed the affected community at Lakang together with other leaders including MP Lucy Akello in the presence of Minister Amongi. My views are on record for all to see. My voice is the mirror of my conscience!

All those I have advised have largely ignored my advice because of unnecessary focus on trying to win arguments instead of solving problems. The fact that we are where we are, where our leaders are now going to the Museveni court of appeal means that there is a failure of leadership. That is my diagnosis. FAILURE OF LEADERSHIP. Leaders know the way, show the way and go the way.

Fortunately the level at which I operate allows me to influence things quietly. A violent wind only makes a man hold on to his coat more tightly but the quiet heat of the smiling sunshine will sooner force you to willingly remove your coat.

Leadership makes a big difference. We must have a clear vision of where we want our society to be. That is how we silenced the guns – Naivasha to get the nod of SPLM, endless phone conversations with Kony and his lieutenants, Juba, Ri Kwangba, Garamba and so on. The guns are silent but the war continues. That is how we dismantled the camps where our people were concentrated.

If we all put the interests of our community ahead of our personal interests, this matter can be resolved with minimum friction. I am in touch with key players and they know what they have to do. But if all protagonists paint themselves into a tight corner, no compromise will be possible.

Therefore it’s is not necessary for anyone to purport to speak for me. I can speak for myself. No one should try to tie goats ears on my head in order that wolves may devour me.