From MPigs to BishoPigs; Yellow pigs dumped at Namirembe cathedral

Namirembe Yellow pigs

Activists have dropped two yellow pigs at Namirembe Cathedral in protest against the betrayal from church leaders on the amendment of article 102b.

The 2 well painted mature Pigs were dumped at the cathedral Sunday morning before

Namirembe Yellow pigs
Namirembe Yellow pigs

days service started.

Anglican church leaders have been spotted for tactfully siding with Museveni against people the most recent being a shameless connivance to forge his birth date.

The notolius activist group, the Jobless brotherhood which master minded the act, said:

“They selfishly exchange humanity for pajero vehicles.. . therefore they qualify to be called swine in line with their master”

The jobless brotherhood has on several occasions used yellow painted pigs to protest against Museveni’s oppression and suppression. This has been mostly at parliament



  1. Church of Uganda to which i belong , don’t a shame us by associating your selves to open wrong and personal interest because of the cars that Museveni give to Bishops, don’t force us verbally fight the church. Come out openly and condemn the personalization of Uganda laws that if a clause doesn’t favor the person of Museveni, then that clause need to be amended. Church, you stand warned and eyes are on you so stage your drama wisely