Why Dr. Besigye should speak out on Fdc election


I have been following the undertakings in the biggest opposition party in Uganda for a couple of years and honestly been admiring their Democratic path as a democrat and a Ugandan.

There is no doubt whatsoever, that whatever they do impacts much on our democracy as a people. Everyone has been praising their progress towards democratization both internally and externally. Even in NRM, very many people have openly praised FDC for being a Democratic organisation apart from Mr. Museveni and the reasons are known.
But we are on the verge of losing out on those good values that have been propagated by FDC should they fail to handle the current campaigns democratically.

I have noted with concern, a group in FDC purporting to speak Besigye mind all-over social media hurling insults to whoever is not supporting a candidate presumed to be backed by Dr. Besigye. I remember during UYD days, there was a tendency of mudslinging whoever was opposed to a group of Al-Hajj Nasser Ntege Ssebaggala as moles and blockades in the struggle to remove the dictator. That was referred to then as “okukuba chemical”.

In the ongoing FDC presidential campaigns, the same is surfacing and now entrenched by people you would think are the mirror of the party. I think this is as a result of building a party based on sentimentalism not ideology which the likes of Gen. Muntu advocate for. Many people are obsessed with removing Museveni against building capacity for parties to takeover power. Museveni will go tomorrow, but do we have the strength and capacity to out do his machinery which he has build for 3 decades? My thinking is that we have not. Remember the 2009 Buganda riots were a golden opportunity to do away with Mr. Museveni, but because we had no organisation, the dictator survived. If we don’t organise and preoccupy ourselves with removing museveni, he’ll go but the likes of Bobiwine will takeover power and parties remain spectators.

For Dr. Besigye, it’s not proper to keep quiet when a group purporting to be speaking your mind is all-over media demonising whoever they think is opposed to their line of thinking.
I have worked closely with Dr. Besigye and his Democratic credentials are not questionable. He’s so accommodative and very tolerant. He should pass these virtues to his supporters.
To FDC fraternity, those that speak ill against each other please cease fire.
By Ssenyongo Kyamuddu