Guys wake up: Either defy or Comply with the warlord.


The political debate inside FDC is very healthy. Although the spoilers call it abusive, it is a fact that FDC, is the only political party in Uganda that encourages political competition from the top to bottom and members actually practice it.

That level of high competition creates an environment where ideas are strongly exchanged in favour or against any candidate. The competition in FDC is not chocolate eating competition, no. It is about advancing political ideas to attain a political office to serve certain political interests.

Some political interests are purely personal aimed at achieving personal gain, and others, serve common good. It is only demented people that think political opponents must romance themselves to show solidarity. What political opponents are obliged to do, by common standards, is to show respect to each other.

I am aware that all candidates for FDC president respect each other; as colleagues, activists and opponents. Interestingly, they share a common objective of ending Museveni dictatorship.

Put together, all the five opponents for the FDC presidency are opponents to the Museveni military junta. With the exception of Dan Matsiko, for whom I have little knowledge or background, the rest I know have played varied roles in making FDC what it is today.

Those varied roles each one has played, have strategically become their campaign slogans. The candidates know it, their campaign managers know it and their politically astute followers/supporters know it. It is the naive or merchants of political discord that have shut their brains to the true and enduring spirit of competition in FDC.

Gen. Mugisha Muntu stands for Organisation of FDC and its structures, of course inherited from his predecessor (frankly I don’t know how it turned to compliance), Patrick Oboi Amuria (POA) stands for Political Activism both within and without FDC structures (currently called Defiance carried forward from 2016 elections), Byamugyisha Moses stands for Youth Involvement in politics and Munyagwa Mubarak stands for a military-style reorganisation of FDC to confront the NRM military junta.

All these are strategies that appeal, first to FDC supporters, even before we think of other political formations that are for or against Museveni Kleptocracy that borders on buffoonery.

The strategies may in fact end Museveni’s nonsense at different time frames or once implemented jointly or concurrently, bring Museveni down at ago. What these strategies cannot do is unite opponents engaged in an internal political exercise to attain a political office. They can’t.

What the political players/opponents must do in such circumstances is to insulate themselves and their followers from being susceptible to political machinations and blackmail from the Museveni dictatorship that desperately seeks to divide them, disunited them and ultimately weaken them.

A viscous dictator like Museveni knows two things can completely decimate a radical political party: MONEY AND ELECTIONS. Simple. Buy out the greedy or use elections to divide your opponents.

I don’t understand why FDC members cannot see that either way, they are in Museveni’s direct trap. You either avoid the trap or GET TRAPPED.

You see a military dictatorship like Museveni’s with absolutely no political ideology or philosophy has created an idea that FDC has “Radicals” and “Liberals” and there are actually people within FDC that have fallen for the stupid propaganda from these cattle WARLORDS.

How can warlords put a gun on your head and then convince you that the other one is a Radical and that you are a Liberal. How can warlords determine the political philosophies of their ABUSED, OPPRESSED AND SUBDUED opponents? How?

Ronald Muhinda.