Mao dismisses Lukwago in a “redundant” pronouncement

Lord Mayor Lukwago and Nobert Mao

The Opposition Democratic faction led by it embattled leader Norbert Mao has announced the dismissal of the Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago allegedly for presenting himself to the Kampala City electorate as an independent.

Announcing the dismissal of the most prominent life member of DP, the acting Secretary General Siranda Blacks who himself holds Office controversially said that Erias Lukwago “chose to leave DP” when he stood as an independent twice.

Many people have viewed Norbert Mao’s action as a witch hunt to a man who possesses the biggest threat to his continued rule of the now fading Uganda’s oldest political party. At the moment DP is running in factions with Mao’s faction dubbed the “Good DP” a tag coined by Museveni to refer to DP membership that works closely with his regime. The other faction led by Mukono Municipality MP who is herself on “suspension “by Moa is code named Bad DP to refer to the membership that is total opposed to any form of cooperation with Uganda’s ruling NRM. Lord Mayor Lukwago also leads another DP outfit named “Truth and justice Platform”.

The announcement by Mao’s group therefore is viewed by many political observers as redundant leave alone the fact that it’s against the DP constitution that lays out a very elaborate procedure for dismissing a member from the Party. For years now Moa hasn’t called for any party decision making organ which include the National council mandated to sit atleast once every six months and the National delegates conference that sit annually. With a divided National executive committee with one group supporting the Buganda region President Nambooze and the other Mao, the Tuesday announcement remains just one of the manifestation of a “dying”once great Party.

Efforts by the SpearNews to reach Lukwago were futile as he is reporting in his home district leading campaigns for the DP candidate Musoke in the ongoing District by election. The Spear couldn’t reach Nambooze as she is reportedly in Rome for a catholic legislator’s conference. Other DP prominent members chose to speak off record and one of them described Moa’s action as “ruducrious”. ” He has disregarded all appeals to let the party heal by setting it back on the constitutional path,it’s a shame that he champions Togikwatako presumably to protect the country’s constitution when he his disambering that of his party”,the senior member said.