Kaihura, where is this patriot who refused to be used?

Where is this hero who refused to be used by Kaihura
Where is this hero who refused to be used by Kaihura

By: Charles Rwomushana

This young man was paraded to the media by the inspector general of police Kale Kaihura to implicate politicians in political dissent into Panga Squads operations early this year

The young man chose to be a hero for country by revealing the truth and whole truth.
That the Panga Squads belonged to police. .. Were supervised by police. .Showed targets to cut by police, guarded as they cut civilians by police and would be cut or executed by police if they didn’t hack civilians.

Since the revelation, the death letter dumping squads disappeared and changed style into Rape and vicious murder of women by inserting sharp wood objects in their vaginas especially in Entebbe

Former spy chief has since last week challenged society to follow up on this Hero of truth, who is no longer even produced in court and his whereabouts are unknown.

This regime is known to ward off activists with less follow-up mysteriously.

Where is he. .?  Was he killed. .? Why not produce him to court like any other suspects?

Central Police Station Kampala raided, guns and bullets taken. ..
We should have cause for concern for these guns will be used to gun down civilians. ..
As a people we must mobilise to demand that Kale Kayihura and the #alNakba disband the Criminal State #alNakba Gangs. ..

And this should be treated as an emergency that it really is. ..



  1. That is all about overstaying in power and stories will appear as same as that.please # Parliament members its now your tym to forget bribes and cursed money always given to you in envelops,Instead do what your people whom you represent,who took their tym to believe in and voted you.look back where you come from and really feel sympathy to them on situation which is on ground then police and civilians will co-operate as one Ugandan.

  2. With all these allegations why don’t Ugandans ask kayihura to resign to save this nation this crime will never stop under his leadership, he is camping allover the country trying to stop crime and killings but ihe has failed, it wasn’t only this boy alone there was another too who pointed police uniform, to say the people who guard them wear police uniform