Uganda is ripe for a new political party – Jude Mayanja

Museveni Decorating UPC's Akena

I have been all along discouraging the idea of forming a new political party but as politics stands in Uganda today, a new political party must be formed to give hope to our people.

Mzee Museveni has successfully infritrated almost all opposition political parties while others are just stagnant, JEMA, CP, PPP and PDP are stagnant, UPC was paid in cash, UFA was paid in cash, DP is dead and hijacked, My only hope was FDC but I have a thinking that Museveni installed in it a speed governor and it is on an Oxgen/Besigye support machine.

Museveni has made sure that he controls the leadership of all credible parties. However, in each of the above parties, there are steadfast people whose brains can not easily be compromised.

These people need a common front and the disappointed population is ready and willing to give the support. Uganda’s opposition hope has been Besigye but he is wearing out soon. Lukwago, Nandala, Namboze, Bosa, Nuwagaba, Kasibante, Mpuuga, Olara, etc wake up and act.
By Jude Mayanja