MPs ask gov’t to speed up review of all civil servant salaries



    By Spear Team

    Members of parliament have called on government to speed up plans to review all civil servants salaries and put end to rampant strikes in the country.

    MPs were reacting to the ongoing strike by judicial officers who claim that with their current pay, they are unable to sustain their families.

    Now, on top of salary increment, they also want health insurance, a government vehicle and security.

    MPs warned that more civil servants in all scetors are angry and plan to strike if the matter is not attended to with urgency.

    Katusabe Atkins, Member of Parliament for Busongola municipality, asked government to remunerate judges well because they are the keepers of Justice and this has placed their lives in a dangerous position especially when handling terrorism related cases.

    He blamed government for inconsistency because civil servants who do less work in Authorities are highly paid than judges, advising for a complete overhaul for all civil servants.

    Onyango Gideon, MP for Samya Bugwe North said that Judges have a right to do so but advised them to consider the presidential order that was issued during the Court prosecutors’ strike that promised for a salary review for all civil servants.

    MPs noted that Judges are not asking for too much because what they receive is not in line with their work load.

    “We need to listen to them, millions are swindled by government officials and the same government is saying that it has no money to pay judges which don’t add up, they need to be remunerated “Onyango noted.

    These want the salary of the Chief justice increased from 20million to 55 million shillings.

    Deputy Chief Justice – 18M to 53M

    Principle Judge – 10m to 50M

    Justices of the Supreme Court – 9M to 34M

    Justices of the Court of Appeal – 9M to 33M

    High Court Judges – 9m to 31m

    Chief Registrar – 4M to 27M

    Registrars – 4m to 23m

    Asistant Registrars – 3m to 20m

    Chief Magistrates – 2m to 17m

    Principal Magistrates Grade one – 2m to 14m

    Senior Principle Magistrate Grade one 2M to 14m

    Senior grade one magistrate 1.5m to 2.9m