Is Museveni in hallucinations or playing diversionary games?

    Are Museveni's current acts/speeches real or hallucinations
    Are Museveni's current acts/speeches real or hallucinations
    • Next time he wakes up he will ask, who created all those small districts or who was tampering with his birthday

    Kemba Higenyi

    A couple of days ago the media was a wash with copies of a letter attributed to President museveni casting doubt on the relevance of the numerous duplicated government agencies and Authorities.
    He intimated that those agencies and authorities are leakage channels of the meagre national recourses rather than to serve any meaningful purpose to the country.

    The president directed that he be furnished with a report on whether on not those agencies and authorities should not be merged and others possibly closed down to stop the unnecessary wastage.

    The debate has since been raging on from the day the letter leaked, let me share here facts on the genesis, extent and possible solution to the problem.

    1. When NRM/A took power 31yrs ago it was not known to be a capitalist outfit only to somersault quickly and sale off all government parastatals, everything known to belong to government was scrambled for and shared among the fighters who captured the state.
    2. We were told that government was a poor businessman and we had to go private immediately. As a result government pulled out of all money making ventures and along with that went the cooperative movement, the banking sector, transport including UTC buses, Uganda people’s Transport, Railways, Water transport, Uganda airlines etc.
      3. Almost everyone lost jobs as those companies closed down suddenly. Retrenchment in the civil service followed and everybody trekked back to their respective villages were they started dying one by one. Thousands of school going children fell out of school.
      4. It turns out that whereas we were told retrenchment was about down sizing for efficiency and prudence in resource utilization, in reality it was an exercise used to remove a certain category of Ugandans from employment and replaced by the ‘correct’ category of Ugandans to pursue the ” correct line ” of the NRM.
      Indeed now a certain language other than the known official language is the in thing in all government ministries agencies and authorities.
      Furthermore the down sizing they talked about was a hoax because the civil service is far bigger now than it was before restructuring.
      5. Ordinarily once government had done the above, one would have expected an improvement in delivery of social services but alas.
      The above activities were followed by a pathetic state of the schools, health facilities, living conditions etc and the government reacted as follows.
      1. Created more administrative units like districts, municipalities, sub counties etc while duping the citizens that it was taking services nearer to the people.
      2. Government stopped its full responsibility over peoples health and introduced cost sharing which in actual sense not even cost sharing. If you are poor you simply die. Government also abolished free education in institutions of higher learning.
      3. Government privatized everything including health facilities and education.
      The situation is deplorable indeed.

    In summary government divorced itself of the responsibility over the citizenry in terms of extending social services, ensuring their productivity and instead opted for a poor miserable population with a few brokers who have some money.
    The brokers include multitudes of members of Parliament, local government leaders, cultural leaders with a car and monthly shillings 5 million, religious leaders.
    The idea is that instead of empowering everyone in a district, who will even ask tough questions because they are educated, healthy and not desperate, it is better and cheaper to sort out the leaders and let the peasants stay on a hand to mouth life.
    Indeed most of us have seen the president himself perhaps on a rally telling the peasants that he gave them a district therefore if there are no services to the people then it is the leaders in the district to blame. A total lie.

    The population in their well-known gullibility have bought into the nonsense that the solution to all their problems is creation of a district, constituency, town council, sub county, parish, village.
    You find them eating raw live rats that in order to compel the president to give them a district. In fact allover the country peasants are looking out to creation of some administrative unit and that is all.

    Finally therefore, if the president is truly remorseful and saved from the bad acts of dupery of an entire country for 31yrs, and has decided to repent and return to the right track, I praise God the Almighty. I also invite the Parliament to follow up the on this matter and indeed all good willing Ugandans should follow up this matter so that.
    A) The number of districts and the size of Parliament should be reduced to at least half.
    B) All the over 100 duplicated government agencies and authorities should be closed down and their mandate returned to the respective ministries.
    C) The government parastatals should be returned and no foreigner should be allowed to own significant shares in a business. It should be partnerships with locals only to the extent where we maybe short on certain know-how.

    I congratulate the president of Uganda H E Gen Y K Museveni on this patriotic and bold move. I urge the president not to waver on this I pledge my personal support.
    For God and My Country