NRM is a dead body – Salam Musumba


    By Spear Team

    Former LC V chairperson for Kamuli district, Salam Musumba has branded president Museveni’s NRM party a dead party that has nothing to offer to Ugandans.

    “We are in a game of ‘men’ and we must stop talking and start acting. This is not about POA it’s about our political future. NRM promised to finish us as a party, every season has its players and people who can manage it, even those who brought Mbabazi had come for us and we jumped them.

    Your vote is important; if you are not clear don’t come to vote because you will collapse Uganda.  We are badly off as a party and a country yet we are the hope for Uganda.  NRM is a dead body even if you make it wear a suit, it will remain dead.  The things we do at night will be known when the day comes,” She revealed.

    Musumba told this to Busoga delegates on Monday while canvassing votes for Patrick Amuriat in Busoga and promised to resurrect the Busoga leader’s forum.

    She added that in this current state as a dead body even if you make it wear a suit, NRM will remain a dead body stressing that FDC with its divisions is the only hope of the country calling on party members to support Patrick Amuriat for Party presidency.

    Musumba attacked fellow FDC members for abusing Hon. Patrick Amuriat Oboi who has been an MP for 15 years and called on competing camps to observe discipline.