Pope “spoils” Ugandan legislators as he tasks them to make just laws

Hon. Nambooze Meeting the Pope

The Pope has tasked Uganda Members of Parliament to always remember to make just laws for the good governance of their country.

The team of legislators chosen by the Vatican from each of fifteen Ugandan Dioceses to represent the country in the Annual International Catholic Legislators Network Assembly in Rome. The Holy Father later gave the MPs his bus to ride in and kept lifting them up whenever they knelt to pay homage to him while telling them

“You are honourable legislators and am not God am your fellow servant”

The Pope’s message for the day read in part that

“I urge you to continue to look to Christ, whose love will inspire you to lead you into full truth and goodness…. Go make just laws…the laws you pass and apply should build bridges between varying political viewpoints, even when polarized, in order to promote a greater care for the vulnerable and the outcast and in order to foster a proper human and natural ecology….Remember, the man or woman who governs – who loves his people is a humble man or Woman. I gladly impart my Apostolic blessing unto you.”