Court violates will of people – Uhuru


President Uhuru Kenyatta on Friday disagreed with the Supreme Court ruling that nullified his reelection but promised to respect the decision.

Addressing the nation from State House, Nairobi, the President said the sovereign will of the people was changed on Friday by the court led by Chief Justice David Maraga.

“Some six people cannot change the resolve of 40 million Kenyans. They can’t. Kenyans are the ones who will decide,” Uhuru said.

“I personally disagree with the ruling that has been made today. But I respect it as much as I disagree with it.”

He said millions of Kenyans queued on August 8 to make their choice but the top-most court “decided to go against the will of the people”.

The head of state urged Kenyans to maintain peace and respect the court ruling. He said his main challenger and NASA leader Raila Odinga should be ready for a humiliating defeat in the election repeat.

Uhuru boasted of the majority of governors, senators and MPs elected on his Jubilee Party.

“We are ready to go back to the people once again with the same agenda of delivering the best to them. Tuko tayari! (We are ready!).We are not at war with our brothers and sisters from the opposition,” he said.

He urged the opposition to desist from tribalism and divisive politics.

“I’m urging Kenyans to maintain peace, peace and I repeat again peace,” Uhuru said.

“Your neighbour will still be your neighbour regardless of their political affiliations, religion, colour or tribe. It is God who has brought us this far.” Uhuru spoke a few hours after the court overturned the presidential outcome and ordered new polls within 60 days.



  1. But he made a reckless statement today,” so Maraga and his thugs decided to nullify the election? I will deal with him as a sitting president.” How sad!!!! So he expected the Supreme Court to bow down and rule in his favor? Non is above the law…

  2. Uhuru and Ruto qualify to be called street muggers.


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  3. At the end of the day the sanctity of the rule of law was kept hence embodying the spirit of the law in the judicial proceedings.Kenyans will look back at this epic event in history and be proud that when push came to shove between the rule of law and african politics,the law won handsdown. The word “Esteemed” comes to mind when describing the ‘six individuals.’ They will be remembered for keeping desecration of justice out of the legal system.