FDC stakes go beyond cardholders


By Joseph Tumushabe

It all started in Parliamentary Advocacy Forum (PAFO) merging with Reform Agenda that later gave birth to Forum for Democratic Change (FDC)

When M7 made serious attacks on the opposition through merging public service with NRM, starvation of livelihoods of opposition, direct purchase of opposition within and outside NRM a huge force started growing.

This force is the K factor, the force that came around Dr. Besigye. Not all people that were disgusted with M7’s harassment were FDC. They included DP, UPC, NRM and nearly the entire none partisan group that had lost trust in politicians.

As a matter of fact this force is growing bolder and we all have a right to comment and seek to direct how it gets run.

We are stakeholders and are perhaps even more invested more in the way opposition to Museveni should be galvanize and run.

So matters in FDC are our matters, even those who had booked space on the wall to watch are confronted by the reality that the Wall or fence no longer exists.

Finally nothing infuriates Museveni more than the fact that he has failed to control the K factor. The failure pocket or beat the defiance out of FDC. Reason? Within defiance centered in the K factor lays the direct challenge to his future.

Anyone that fails to recognize that FDC is about defiance to Museveni and uncompromising defiance to dictatorship will ultimately be pushed aside by the real stakeholders opposing the dictator