MPs: M7’s talk on land is political, he lacks the expertise


By Spear Team

Outspoken members of parliaments have opposed president Museveni’s initiative to sensitive Ugandans about the land ammendment bill arguing that this work is for the line ministry and he lacks the expertise to do so.

Lutamaguzi Ssemakula , MP for Nakaseke says that  president Museveni  is taking up duties of different ministries and soon Ugandans are going to see him baptizing kids because he engaging in everything even things that are supposed to be left to councilors.

He questioned if Museveni’s agenda because he is not knowledgeable about land issues but he should focus on helping the Bamugemereirwe commission to settle the land disputes.

Lutamaguzi advised Ugandans not to mind his talk because it is political, adding that he is looking for political capital for 2021.

Mukono municipality MP, Betty Nambooze believes that Museveni is just wasting the taxpayer’s money because despite setting up different commissions on land he has ignored their findings.

She argues that he recently summoned the NRM caucus that advised him against amending article 26 of the constitution but he now chooses to proceed by himself to seek out people’s views.

“President Museveni should use the same time and say goodbye to Ugandans because by the constitution he has only two years to go,”Nambooze concluded.

On his part, Busiro East legislator, Medard Ssegona noted that Museveni confessed himself that he only tried to study law for one day, so he can’t teach Ugandans about something that he failed.

“There is nothing he is going to sensitize because he is ignorant about the law, though there is need to sensitize the people because the lands ministries, Judiciary all are inactive,” Ssegona added.

This fallows president Museveni’s efforts to embark on a nationwide radio campaign that is aimed at getting views of the people about land and educating them on the proposed Land Amendment Bill 2017.

According to the Presidential Press secretary, Don Wanyama, the president will be traversing the country talking about issues on land and the proposed Land Amendment Bill 2017, because the question of land has become a contentious issue in Uganda.

Government last month tabled the land amendment bill that seeks to amend Article 26 of the Constitution for compulsory acquisition of private land by the government before compensation, for government projects.




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