Prophet Elvis Mbonye: I Speak to Jesus whenever I feel like


By Spear Team

The self proclaimed man of God Prophet Elvis Mbonye is at it again just after he blinded his followers into licking his shoes as a way of honoring him, he now adds that he goes to heaven and he normally sees Jesus and speaks to him whenever he feels like.

“I have seen Jesus and walked to Heaven; what most people don’t realize is, they too can. I saw every feature on him and he came smiling at me. Jesus is the most perfect person in human form,” Mbonye noted.

While appearing on NBS TV’s ‘People and Power’ show, Prophet Mbonye revealed that he has seen Jesus and has walked on the streets of heaven that are tiled with gold  on many occasions.

Mbonye said when Jesus approached him on one morning; he looked young as he was 2,000 years ago, he added that he is here  to fulfill God’s call by awakening humanity to the reality of the infinite realm of spirit and thereby live a transcendent life.




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