Raila Odinga’s NASA team starts off by-election Campaigns- pictorial


As the world hold its breath to see what happens in Kenya, Raila Odinga’s NASA team has started off Campaigns ahead of the Presidential by election expected to take place in Kenya within sixty days.

This follows a nullification of the Presidential elections by the Kenya supreme court last week, the first of its kind on the Continent.
After the yesterday Nairobi massive rally, NASA team released a small statement thanking the people emphasizing that “Kenya is ready for the third and final liberation”
“Thank You Nairobi. Thank You Mathare. Our journey to Canaan is rejuvenated. The stakes have been risen per excellence, the mood has risen and Kenya has never been ready for the real change. Our destiny was only delayed, but the third and final liberation is unstoppable. Mko tayari?”, they posted.

Addressing the rally, the NASA leader Raila Odinga on Saturday maintained that he defeated President Uhuru Kenyatta with over 1.5 million votes during the August 8 polls.

Raila further told his supporters at Masinde Muliro grounds in Nairobi’s Mathare slums that his votes were systematically deducted while those of Uhuru were added to deny him victory.

He emphasized that both IEBC and Jubilee knew NASA had won the polls.