M7 proposes amendment to his constitutional ammendment on land



By Spear News

President Yoweri Museveni has proposed ammendment to be done to the land ammendment bill that was presented before parliament.

According to Museveni he now wants the part of courts of law handling compensation disputes to be replaced with tribunals, because courts of law tend to take a lot of time.

President Museveni revealed this while he hosted Voice of Kigezi 89.5FM, on Monday night.

However, some members of the opposition noted that this was after hearing their arguments that courts of law are inaccessible to the peasants.

Museveni  stressed that   Ugandans need to support government projects and stop blocking them to save the taxpayers’ money.

“There is no country in the world where citizens block government from doing its projects, because there is need to create jobs to reduce in the unemployment levels.” President Museveni explained.

He blamed leaders who spread falsehoods instead of explaining how project delays cost the government and the country adding that some have been delayed by individuals citing one in Mirama hills.

He assured Ugandans of governments plan on irrigation to fight famine that is caused by rain delays, he called upon farmers to embrace this.He called upon NRM members to run for L.C 1 offices   to occupy offices and fight those spreading lies.

Initially different people including cultural and religious leaders had opposed the land ammendment bill saying that it is against human rights and it will lead to more land wrangles in the country.



  1. Let him first scrap off his greedy men en tribe mate’s from Govt office’s , fool ur fellow Westerns after protecting his fellow refugees concerning land grabbing now is pretending to care . GASINYA.