Entebbe murders, just a fraction of the regime death traps we live with

Woman murdered in Entebbe
Woman found murdered in Entebbe
A Body of a strangled woman was found in Nyanama in Wakiso district on 04.09.17. Her death brings the death toll of women gruesomely murdered in Wakiso district to 20 this year.
Meanwhile, Museveni is moving around the country justifying his intended land grabbing strategies with total remorse and disrespect to Ugandans lives. This INDIFFERENCE MUST STOP.
Kemba Higenyi has highlighted the ignored killers amidst us as the regime scrambles for the little left with indigenous Ugandans:

By: Kemba Higenyi

Reports indicate that up to 20 females have been brutally murdered in Nansana and Entebbe wakiso district the last three months.

It is very disturbing because the security agencies have not come clean on what is going on. This is so despite the fact that each village in Uganda today, has an LCI committee, a security committee headed by the defense secretary reporting to the village chairperson, a team of crime preventers, a village intelligence officer, a committee of 30 members of the ruling NRM party. I am told on top of that plethora of groups or structures charged with the tranquil running of the village, Mayumba Kumi is being added or has been added yet insecurity merely intensifies.

Slightly away from the above yesterday I visited a person that I know in mukono and she gave me the following story about her daughter.

She told me that her daughter had been attending antnertal care at Mukono health centre IV until two weeks ago when she felt labor pains. She was rushed to the facility and she delivered a healthy baby at midday. Immediately after the exit of the baby from the womb the mother was removed from the bed and placed on the floor. The mother noticed that despite the fact her daughter had been delivered of a baby she was actually still undergoing labor pains. Indeed the signs were clear the watery stuff that comes out when a baby is on the way had covered the entire corridor where this young lady was dumped.

The lady raised her concerns with the health workers but they dismissed her telling her to take her lugezigezi elsewhere.
Meanwhile the young mother was having a lot of pain but receiving no attention or the correct instructions.

At 2pm two hours after delivery this young lady although in great labor pains was discharged and told to go back home.

The young mother was not well at all until 8 pm that day when another baby came out dead on her way to the bathroom.

Indeed the young mother did not even know that was a baby that had come out, subsequently the dead baby was hurriedly removed from the doorway where it had fallen and placed into a basin for disposal.

It is her mother who got inquisitive to check what could have come out, only to see a dead baby on flushing light into the basin.

Confronted by this disturbing situation iam wondering whether we have a health care system to talk about. Are these health workers at Mukono health centre IV incompetent or outright blood thirsty people who are out to kill?
Today I visited the health centre just to look around and to talk to whoever I can, and maybe figure out what could have happened.

What I have discovered, in addition to my experience in Mulago, Mbale and Busolwe hospitals, coupled with the general picture I see allover the country, I have no doubt that while we are concerned about the macabre death of the 20 women so far in Wakiso. The situation in our health facilities for lack of a better word is a HORRIFIC one.

I thank the Parliament of Uganda for suspending plenary until government explains the deaths in wakiso following Hon Odonga Otto hon Otto Odonga Jr. Motion this afternoon.
In the same vain I urge the same Parliament to take a firm stand on our health facilities because they are a DEATH TRAP rather than a LIFE SAVER.

For God And My Country.



  1. Why does not come down to face the people and instead hide in studios threatening radio stations. We need him to come down on the ground beginning with Amuru and he reaps his share of nudity also.

  2. It’s museveni and colleagues creating Insecurity. People are murdered and his not talking about it. His interest is stealing people’s land. Goes to show whose really behind those murders.