Tension as Aringa youth warn to kill Baganda in Yumbe


By Spear Team

A group of youths in Yumbe district in Northern Uganda has threatened to massacre Baganda and Acholi in their area in 48 hours if they do not vacate their territory.

According to letters and posters that have been pinned around the town in Yumbe by the group, it is started that Baganda and Acholi are taking up all the jobs in humanitarian organizations and the prime minister’s office leaving them unemployed.

This group that is currently anonymous says that it is armed with locally made weapons and they will start attacking as soon as the 48 hours ultimatum elapses.

The police cammander of Yumbe district, Mr Musiho Abubaker said that these message must have been distributed by unemployed youths in the area, adding  that Yumbe district has the highest umempolyment rate in the region as few of the jobs have been taken up by fellow Ugandans.

However, he said  that making threat is not the best way to address with such grievance.

Police stations in Yumbe district have now been alert to arrest whoever is responsible for spreading the hate message and authorities have called for calm.

It is not the first time local have made such threat, early this year, South Sudanese refugees in the area were denied access to firewood.

Our efforts to get a comment from the Uganda police force spokesperson were unsuccessful as he was not picking up his phone.



  1. Why any muganda personal leave buganda and to west Nile r u sick in head let me tell you baganda from today u got to understand that Uganda doesn’t belong to you buganda land is only yours if u let Tutsis nyarwandas take ur land it ur problem leave the balugwaara and their land alone and back to territory and fight for ur land 109600 square miles of land elyabangibwaako abagwiila mulekele awo okwenjelela ewabanamwe nga ewamwe ensi buganda mugilekedde aba Tutsi batwaale

  2. , coz we have allowed nyarwanda to occupy entire uganda through refugees funding we can’t escape genocide from uganda coz this regime has done much to teach pipo hatred and compassion.

  3. Sekanjako, stop being deceived by the Rwandese/Burundian Tutsi refugee immigrant dictatorship.The Rwandese/Burundian Tutsi usurpers of Ugandan government are trying to cause civil war and hate between Indigenous Ugandan tribes in order to continue ruling our country Uganda. All Ugandans should be advised to organize and kick the genocidal Rwandese Tutsi killers and land grabbers out of our country. The people in Aringa are being told by the Rwandese Tutsi intelligence which is at the same time land grabbing their land that the people taking their land are Baganda! When Tutsis move from Ankole or Kigezi to Tooro, they tell the people in Tooro that they Banyankole or Bakiga! When they leave Western region to Buganda or Busoga they can now say that they are Banyankole, Bakiga or Batooro! I am sure after they moved from the South to the North they must have told the people in Aringa that they are Baganda! Now they have been in power for 32 years they must know the languages of the North!

  4. I know the aringans very well, they can not do that, if they were to do that, it could have been some five months ago when one of there activist’s was arrested, forced to plead guilty , but instead of taking the law into there hands they chose to go to high court where he was acquitted. So pliz stop publishing false rumours of hatred, the aringans are just proud of there mother land being the highest district that can accommodate refugees regardless of the number