What will M7 ask for after his death?~Behimbisa


A  social Media activists wonders what president Museveni of Uganda will ask for after his death from Ugandans since he has been given all that he has ever asked for by Ugandans. Below is his facebook post reproduced;


Kristeen Behimbisa

He asked for 4 years from 1986 to 1990.

He also requested for 2 years to organise a constitutional commission to 1992

He so requested for 2 years to promulgate a constitution to 1994

He also asked for 10 years in the constitution under term limits.

He also went for 10 years to enable him get to 75 years

After 75 he wants to rule for the remaining life.

My wonder is what will he ask for after his death!

This madness must be curtailed.