Besigye lists public land stolen by Museveni and family~VIDEO~


Museveni has grabbed all public land entrusted to his government, he now wants private land– Besigye

Blocked from appearing on VOK radio Kabaale, Besigye secured airtime on Freedom FM Friday night and launched an attack on Museveni, listing land entrusted to Museveni’s custody for Ugandans but went ahead to give, rent or sell it cheaply to his family circles.

He mentioned; ”Shimoni Demonstration School where teacher trainees would do their school practice from. There was also Shimoni Primary School at the heart of Kampala City. This land belonged to the people. The schools hosted over 4,000 students,” Said Besigye

Among others, Besigye listed Butabika Mental Hospital land, Luzira Prisons land, UPDF land, Uganda posts land at Kazinga Namanve where Watoto church is, some schools’ land, Uganda Railways land, Workers land and government ranches.

He further said all government farms and lanches were stolen by the now campaigner for rights to grab peoples land at will.

“There is a farm in Kiryandongo. Ask Museveni who owns that land which used to belong to government. How did it change hands? Did they put up an announcement so Ugandans can apply for it? How is government land being given away?”

“They have stolen government land and are now stealing private land. These are facts. They are not lies.”

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  1. Pushing for development projects is not land grabbing.
    Shimoni primary school away from the commercial center of the city is better. That former location is fit for commercial and hospitality facilities that give high returns to KCCA.

    My knowledge of and support for the proposed land amendment bill are based on the these three scenarios I know:

    1) the Entebbe express high way initially was meant to pass through a small stone quarry where we pick materials for construction.
    When it came to compensation, the owner of the quarry was offered 6billion by government. The misguided man refused the offer and asked for 60billion! Government increased the offer to 10billion but the guy refused and he settled at 30billion.
    At this point government thought of a diversion. When this was done, the cost was 4.5billion.
    Time was wasted and the project delayed. If government was to offer the 30billion, this would be a burden to us tax payers.

    2) The proposed flyovers at Kitgum House round about would have started. Delays are around the compensation sagas.
    The government offered the owner of Ktgum house 100billion. He stalled the project because he needs 800billion! Looking at his building, it is not worth that.
    The government is now paying penalties on the loan got from World Bank to do the project since the project has failed to get started.

    2) In Dokolo, somebody realized the new steel high voltage power line was passing through his land. He then planted seedlings of eucalyptus prior to negotiation for compensation. The guy negotiated for 250million which he was paid.

    These three cases show extortion by citizens.
    Yet the figure government gives is usually higher than any figure from anybody in the market.

    I support land amendment bill.

    • have u done any investigation on those projects? u get behind d scenes its those same gov’t who a advicing the land owners 2 ask 4 that such amounts of money then they ask 4 their share dont b fooled, now from 2 day d gov’t shd v an alternative when ever they a drawing maps 4 such projects like they did 2 entebbe exp,bt p’se my brother #George_Ogango dont b fooled by these p’ple who inflate quotations of such projects in order 2 steal tax payers money,the cost of projects in uganda a done in other countries a half d cost why, m7 one time was in certain country in europe n saw the first class roads there then asked why d first class roads a not d same as the others yet d cost is double in uganda & we v cheaper materials where do u think all that money is going. M7 Gov’t a cheats I’ll Never Support D Land Amendment Bill.

    • If government officials are behind the high prices, M7 is not. They do that because they know the loopholes in our laws regarding land. That’s why government (M7) wants these loopholes fixes.

      Below is what would be done when a situation where the land owner refuses government offer which otherwise leads to stalling of government projects:

      If for instance we have a property for compensation, two valuers will be involved. One for the government and another for the owner of property.
      If the owner refuses the amount the government valuer has come up with, the same amount will be deposited in court. The government then takes over land to implement a given project. As the work progresses, the valuer of the property owner will be negotiating with the government valuer. Once they agree, a top up will be made on what has been deposited in court for the owner to pick as his or her compensation.
      This will sort the delays in projects.

      I will always root for land amendment bill for the good of my country.