NRM MPs pocket 800m each for Museveni’s life presidency

The NRM MPs at a meeting where they sold their integrity and country for 800m
The NRM MPs at a meeting where they sold their integrity and country for 800m
  • Each was given 800m tax payers money, to betray tax payers!

In a meeting Tuesday the NRM MPs agreed for a private member to formally move the motion to the floor of Parliament during a plenary sitting on Thursday afternoon.

The meeting was mobilized secretly by the State Minister for Investment, Evelyn Anite and a number of NRM MPs led by Raphael Magezi of  Igara Constituency.

MPs who are scared of public anger and not returning to the same house reports have now revealed that they each pocketed 800,000,000/= in exchange for their integrity and the countries future.

This was revealed by an insider Tumushabe who reported:

Joseph Tumushabe  
We can now reliably say that NRM MPs received UShs800 million each to support Mr. Museveni’s scheme to amend article 102(b) of the cons
titution that imposes age limit as eligibility criteria for president. 

Our credible sources say that at least 150 MPs have already been paid their booty. The remaining MPs who were not considered ‘royal’ by the architects of the “project” will be paid during the course of this week.

The money which was picked from the office of the president at parliament avenue next week was being handled by Molly Kamukama,David Bahati, Anite, Ogwang and Natasha Karugire, the daughter of Mr. Museveni.

An NRM MP who is a beneficiary of the payment told us hours to the damn pronouncement that they are watching to see the citizen reaction to their resolution before moving ahead with the independent members bill. The member expressed worries about potential violence that could target the individual MPs, the source disclosed



  1. That’s almost 1bn each Mpig. Do the math with 245. If that’s not poverty what’s that. By the time M7 leaves power we shall not be able to buy bread, since all the countries Treasury will be in bribes, and Chinese plus Russians will have become citizens in Uganda.

  2. The Same group of baboons sat in a closed room during Idd Amin’s regime and declared him LIFE PRESIDENT ….fortunately many of them died during the war that removed AMIN from power….history repeating itself here