Togikwatako: How a few MPs outwit NRMs crowd in the house

    The red ribbon revolution team
    The red ribbon revolution team
    • How determination outwits NRMs terror of numbers

    Members of parliament opposed to amendment of article 102 [b] have so far impressed Ugandans and proved themselves as true freedom fighters.

    They outright represent the will of the people as army, police, cabinet and majority of ruling NRM party MPs  represent  the oppressive and suppressive regime

    On 21st, September, the day this bill was supposed to appear, Ugandans had little hope from the house  full of NRM MPs who are being held on ransom by the regime as most of them lack proper academic qualifications and others scrapped their way into parliament through malicious court back doors.

    That day, determination of about 28 MPs forced deputy speaker Ouranyah  to adjourn the house to Tuesday 27th This was counted as preliminary victory for Ugandans against the dictator

    The day’s victory instilled  hope and determination  into Ugandans  that it’s possible to resist the terror of NRMs quantity numbers in parliament, the army/police terror outside parliament and the financial bribery that characterizes Musevenis dictatorship.

    How was it done.

    On the run-up to 21st, opposition was engulfed into very many activities, with many national and international conferences and most important, NRM chose this day knowing it had set 10 new district by-elections on that day.

    The opposition forces were smartly divided to appear in all those activities  and made silent mobilization as  NRM propagandist mocked their absence  and inaction

    The 21st out comes surprised many as the team acted together in unity with many unexpected members on the team which was hitherto thought to be disorganized.

    Unknown to NRM,  when it came to this issue of national concern, individual and party differences put aside. It is for this nationalistic cause that they chose singing the national anthem as the protest song.

    26th action.

    Success of Tuesdays action came mainly off ‘less talk more action’ strategy.  Unlike before when all opposition activities, were discussed in press  its totally different this time.

    Speaking to press Monday, Nambooze, Nsereko, Ssemujju Nganda and others only showed need for more resistance against the bill but none shared the teams’ next action plan

    Though the MPs have been doing secret mobilization and meetings, Yesterdays action plan was finalized in a long meeting that sat at the leader of opposition boardroom

    With leaked information from NRMs strategic meeting that sat Monday, members made counter strategies which they made sure none leaked to NRM before implementation. To effect this, they even ordered a special lunch so as they eat and stay together until house time

    According to leaked information from the NRM camp, they planned to beat up, undress and shame Hon Nambooze and Ssewanyana to act as an example to others and annoy opposition members into walking out of the session so they move the motion unopposed

    To counter this, it was decided that the two MPs who are also shadow ministers sit on the second bench and reserve the front bench for stronger men to act as cover up in case they are attacked.

    They made 2 sub-committees for the day, a technical team led by MP Ssegona and Ssemujju assigned with duty of handling all debate technicalities in the house and attack team led by Hon. Nambooze and Odong otto . particularly nambooze was assigned duty to grab and tare into pierces the Magyezi’s bill.

    They agreed to act weak and take an insubordinate position so as to hoodwink NRM MPs and the speaker that they are weak, defeated and not ready to fight until the ripe time.

    Boycotting or walking out of parliament and an excuse of being few in numbers were totally ruled out and determination was adopted as a team carrier

    They adopted the name “Ffe magye” [we are the army]  and code named the movement “The red ribbon revolution” . They were set to sing the national anthem consecutively for 6 hours [up to midnight] when they expected the speaker to adjourn the house

    To avoid any leak of information and un-necessary suspicions, when entering the house, they decided to move together holding hands into a chain from the leader of oppositions boardroom to the chambers

    Within the house

    Just the seating arrangement deigned NRMs beat and shame action plan on which they relied—[That’s why Kibuule threatened Ssemujju with gun to cause fear]

    In their strategy, NRM planned that after beating off Nambooze and Ssewanyana, opposition members will boycott and walk out and they table the bill unopposed. They didn’t have plan B that’s why as opposition sung they stared action less like lost sheep

    The sitting arrangement scored the first goal for opposition without any roll

    The second score came when the speaker ordered them to remove the red ribbons to which they obediently obliged.

    The speaker felt in total control and NRM MPs cheered her on.  NRM knew they were left with options of either to boycott and move out of the house or be defeated by the speaker or numbers.

    Expecting it to be targeted, the mace was moved from its usual clerks table to the speakers table [Without mace, the seating is considered null and void].

    But the strategy was different, Nambooze as said above targeted something different.  She in the scuffle grabbed from the clerks table both the Notice of Motion and the draft bill and tore them into pieces.

    Actually as the scuffle went on, the tabling of the motion could not be done as the controversial notice of motion and bill had been torn into pierces

     The pistol Incident.

    Its true Minister Kibuuule threatened MP Ssemujju with a pistol with intentions of creating fear though it’s reported that many arrogant NRMs usually enter the house with guns.

    Well knowing what was coming up from his team and the type of people NRM MPs are, MP Ssemujju reported the incident for precaution purposes.

    Kibuule passed on the pistol to Beti Kamya who put it in her hand bag, coved it with a green file folder and moved out using the presidents’ chambers access door. She was clearly recorded on CCtv

    The motivation

    The members are bent on helping the speaker stick to her decision. While stopping MP Kafeero from presenting the same bill last September, the speaker reasoned that a constitution amendment bill shouldn’t be brought by a private member, it should come from cabinet.

    Members clearly reason that this is the only hope for a peaceful transfer of power Ugandans have and cant let the country ascend into violence because of one man whom the country has been patient with for over 30 years.

    Today’s work plan

    It is unknown, but the team sticks to determination and willingness to stop ascending the country into violence by preventing this amendment