Ugandan’s tolerance paid by Suppression


Tutsi who renamed themselves Banyarwanda are taking over our country

Eric Kashambuzi

I see some people who came to Uganda as refugees starting in 1959 arguing that because they have been there that long therefore they are Ugandans.

The definition of a refugee is that you are offered a temporary place to stay until the conditions in your country have returned to normal and you go back home. Since 1994 the conditions in Rwanda have normalized and Tutsi should go back.

All these arguments have come up because Tutsi who renamed themselves Banyarwanda are taking over our country with collaboration of some foreigners.

Bantu arrived in Uganda 3000 years ago and intermarried with the hunters and gatherers that were in the area. Those that wanted to remain a distinct group moved on because space wasn’t a problem.

During the guerrilla war against Obote II government Museveni’s “source of strength was Baganda, still bitter toward Obote for abolishing their monarchy”(1987).

Will the monarchy survive if Museveni gets what he wants through the land bill and deletion of the age limit from the constitution?

He might be tempted to want to be Sabataka of Uganda in which case retaining kings might be an inconvenience.

The Tutsi refugees that entered Uganda have refused to intermarry with Bantu people except a few Tutsi women marrying for political reasons of domination and allegedly producing children with Tutsi men. 

Increasingly Tutsi are taking over the commanding heights of Uganda society and are now sitting at the top of the class structure.

They are behaving like Asians that controlled the commanding heights of Uganda economy in the colonial days and rejected social integration.

Another Idi Amin could arrive on the political platform and use Idi’s arguments to push Tutsi out within 90 days.

As anger rages out of control don’t rule out the possibility of another Amin-like head of state and respond to the sentiments of the suffering indigenous population.

I am writing these posts to create space for debate so that a mutually acceptable solution is found. Given the rate at which discontent is building up in Uganda the possibility of a civil war can’t be ruled out.

If you want to understand Museveni imperial ambitions in Eastern and Central Africa, study Cecil Rhodes ambitions in Southern Africa.

If you want to see how he has behaved towards the native Ugandans that are largely poor, unemployed and hungry study Thomas Robert Malthus Essay on the Principle of Population that was published in 1798. The poor should not be helped because doing so results in more children. The poor are responsible for their problems.



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