Age limit, a reflection of M7s true bush war intentions


You refer to the social class struggling to get UGANDANS out of bondage of urban poverty, disease, destitution and unemployment as HOOLIGANS…

The "red ribbon" revolution MPs at parliament
The “red ribbon” revolution MPs at parliament


By: Deus Kamunyu Muhwezi

To my President HE Y.K. Museveni,

Heart broken by events of this week which many writers and your objective comrades have likened to the 1966 constitutional crisis and the events that motivated you and fallen comrades to opt for war, there is something small I want to bring to your notice yet still.

It is the emerging social class (economic class) which the new pseudo Middle and Upper class of NRM era are calling HOOLIGANS/Ghetto Men and Women. The likes of Hon. Robert Kyagul…anyi (Bobi Wine).

I want you to remember your Excellency that one of your motivations to start the youthful struggles, was the issue of social class that mainly affected your Kinsmen, the ‘Bahima’ of Ankole.

The intention of the NRA war is in question, it can only be validated by this generation by retaining the age limit clause in the constitution.

I remember and you may also recall the belittling demeanors that people of power (UPC politicians and beneficiaries) often hurled at these innocent people and their immediate associates. In contemporary terms we were perceived as a low class and a group of aggressors with nothing to offer to Uganda’s progress. You and your like minded were hooligans of the time and nuisances to public order. Is this true?

Today, in a twist of events and as history may clearly judge us, I see the same newly arrived pseudo middle and political class composed of ‘NRM’ comrades involved in the same practice.

They easily refer to a group of people (social class) currently struggling to get their people out of bondage of urban poverty, disease, destitution and unemployment as HOOLIGANS and GHETTO boys and girls disturbing their peace.

They have become the only Ugandans that deserve peace and order (refer to Madiba Mandela’s words …. all people want peace).

Your Excellency, the Banyankole have a saying that there two things that are easy to forget: ‘POVERTY & BARRENNESS’ …’obworo na nobugumba’.

Tell all NRM comrades that the reason why you and many others struggled was to demystify such a mindset and arrogance.

The Ghetto today is a home to Ugandans who feel socially and economically excluded by the NRM regime’s social and economic development policies and their leaders are driven by the same reasons that sparked and sustained the NRA struggle. They are indeed the new lower class in contemporary terms and the NRM people with power should not insult them.

It hurts many of us and we are heart broken and ashamed. Economic and Social inequalities are the worst evils of mankind and no servant leader can tolerate them.

Join me and many Ugandans to say NO to lifting of Presidential Age Limit. We will have completed a much anticipated era in the history of our country. We will have finally won the NRA war.

For God and My Country

The writer is Chief executive officer at Uganda Hospitality Institute and Publicity Secretary at Makerere University Convocation – Alumni and Staff Association



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