Kafeero Ssekitoleko becomes first victim of NRM’s ethnic mafia as Kibuule replaces him with his Uncle


    The Nakifuma county MP Kafeero Ssekitoleko is renowned for fronting many dubious anti-people bills for NRM’s survival,

    Kafeero is remembered for a proposal to extend term limits before 2016 elections and last year he was the first to table the controversial age limit bill which was rejected by Speaker Kadaga.

    Kafeero’s constituency neighbors Minister Kibuules Mukono north. In 2016 they had a political alliance against senior Baganda NRM politicians in Mukono especially the district speaker and chairman Lukooya Mukoome.

    Through the alliance Ruzindana Andrew A.k.a Ssenyonga became district chairman and Kibuule’s uncle, Lukyamuzi replaced Speaker Kunobwa as district councilor from Nagojje sub county and Kanyesigye peace became the woman MP for Mukono

    Just a week after tabling the 27th September age limit motion, Oraki Mosese Friday, a voter in Nakifuma has written a letter to the MP he called his “political epitaph” in which he reveals that Ssekitoleko is also being betrayed by NRMs inner ethnic group for which he betrayed Mukono residents and Ugandans in general


    Dumped by NRM! Letter to my horrible MP Kafeero Ssekitoleko

    Hello my horrible MP .

    I will not congratulate you upon the September 27th treacherous sale of Uganda—which I’m not sure whether you know. I will directly go to the purpose of writing this letter which in brief is your political eulogy.

    My horrible MP, I’m a villager deep down here in Kyajja village, Kyajja parish Nagojje sub-county.

    I chose to write to you in face of both disappointment and dismay, i expected you to be an NRM untouchable and routine free ticket guest in statehouse after a marathon of betrayals you have done to this country on their behalf—i still can’t believe the same party shamelessly chases you away in favour of an ethnic candidate in Nakifuma

    Though villager and not so well wired we are learning from our farms that the September 27th act was the last morsel of value the regime had in you and as its done swords are drawn here to dig you out

    From reliable Mabira trees here I feel unabashed to write your political epitaph which reflects all pro Museveni MPs, how they are made, used and later dumped when hated by people
    You are proof that NRM MPs are held hostage because they are—academic and legal fugitives whose stay in parliament is at the mercy of Museveni’s fake system.

    Back in 2015, Lukooya the NRM insider, high court in Jinja and Tanga Odoi the NRM electoral chairman exposed your lack of academic qualifications hence disqualification from the race.
    In exposing your academic inefficiency, Lukooya unknowingly showed Museveni the exact person he wanted in parliament for their family project.

    Museveni, who was at the time building a pile of mentally hollow lots to be used as MPs saw you an academic fugitive perfectly fit onto his condom pile [Abiriga, Anite, Ssematimba. Simeo Nsubuga] to use as conduit for power abuse and building an ethnic Tutsi monarchy.

    Perfectly you have helped strengthen the Tutsi monarchy–which will eat out all of you anyway, but you are its first victim.

    When the academic papers question came to us villagers, our myopic view was to wait for practical proof from your actions to make proper conclusion whether you are mentally lacking, so we voted you and months into parliament you proved you are lacking by introducing the motion Magyezi drilled through last week. Your support marked end of your value to NRM

    Unfortunately, for you and fortunately for the regime before even 2years elapse your value is used up and as you read this the same people for whom you betrayed your country, your children and grandchildren have already dumped you, see you as a gone curse with a ‘right’ replacement.

    I feel dismayed by the kind of people you sacrificed your integrity for; they see you as a Kafeero, in the true meaning of the name in Luganda. Tetuyiga!

    In 2011 they bashed Lukooya for aligning with Bukenya against Mbabazi and in 2016 as they fought Mbabazi they never praised Lukooya for being far cited. They just fought him for the same interests as you are being kicked out now

    Ironically sacrificing eligible Lukooya for a legally ineligible you, was part of a long term plan hatching against you now.

    Your simple activity plan in NRM was:
    1.Help the Mafia overthrow Baganda strong intelligent politician especially Lukooya.
    2. Be used as a monarchy conduit in parliament and
    3.Keep MP position for a Munyarwanda MP being groomed. You have done this and your time is over

    We Nagojje residents are still wondering whether your connivance to mercilessly drag out another experienced politician, a loyal NRM senior cadre the then district speaker Mr Kunobwa Charles for Kibuule’s maternal uncle Lukyamuzi Davies who had no single attachment to the area was out of ignorance or opportunism!

    His factious victory is another day’s talk, but in our rural myopic way, we saw this was someone being lined up for your post yet you blindly helped in the chase against your reliable people and creating him

    In Mukono you’re on record for having dined with devils delving fellow BAGANDA NRM carders Lukooya, Kunobwa, Nalwanga Lydia, Nakavubu etc and the devils agents took all administrative posts. Now as its claws are turning to delve you, you stand as lonely as a refuge!

    As i write today i see the reality is squaring you off. You were locally used to chase off local strong politicians in NRM, helped mafia insert in your constituency your replacement and you have become a public shame at national level for accepting to be used against your country!

    With all said and done, Kibuule’s uncle “Lukyamuzi” is lined as the next MP for Nakifuma constituency as Kibuule wants to create another political monarchy in Mukono. Records show these people can SHAMELESSLY do anything to anyone for power and i authoritatively say, your time in NRM is up
    I don’t need remind you of your closeness to Kibuule—it doesn’t ashame or stop him from betraying you, but maybe let me just remind you of Nantaba’s closeness to Museveni and the tribal betrayal that followed-unfortunately temuyiga.

    Now where does it leave you an NRM outsider? The shameless Banyini Kintu bakikimye

    Tamale Mirundi said, there is nothing called NRM, it is an ethnic conduit to usher Rwandans into power. He and Bukenya called it a ‘Mafia’ group within but it’s rightly merciless, shameless and targets fighting all Ugandans out of politics

    From the timing and reality you serve as the best example to all politicians who betray this country in the name of being NRM—mbu bali mu kintu—sikyamwe

    Let you and friends learn that you are only part of NRM when its using you or before a Rwandan is got to take your constituency. As you plan your next course of action, I’m sure you no longer need rocket science to see you are a used and dumped NRM outsider

    After your fall, from us will you expect crocodile tears or smiles?

    Back to my farm
    Oraki Moses Friday.
    Bulanga 1



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