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Our constitution favors a few selfish people, let us review it

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By: Maureen Kyalya Warube

The 1995 constitution is a very deadly document designed to rip off political and economic powers from native Ugandans and hand it over to a few elite and educated people most of whom were in their mid 30’s when it was made hence the Age Limit provision to protect their interests.

Although brought at the wrong time; this discrimination provision against all the youths and elderly should never have made it into a national constitution especially in a multi-nation country like Uganda where from the beginning of Human History God and the ancestors play a key role in determining our leaders.

A country where we have had Kings under 10 years of age effectively reigning over us such as Oyo of Tooro, Chwa of Buganda and the Biblical King David and Solomon among others

This British designed colonial and discriminative political set up of Uganda can only put us in the hands of a few power hungry people like the present NRM Government which if we are not careful will result in the tendering of our country to land hungry nations like China.

Below are crucial constitutional and legislative provisions that NRM should change while they are in the mood for blindfolding us to forcefully remain in power.

1. PRESIDENTIAL AGE LIMITS: Lift both Lower and Upper Age Limit threshold in all political offices.

2. EDUCATION LIMIT: Native Ugandans do not need to be English to represent Ugandans. MPs are fighting in Parliament because they have no relationship to the none English voters. Otherwise the voters have more than enough mandate to block all of them from taking part in that process and if they do eliminate them by recalling them from Parliament. Shouting is not a solution.

The changes we need:

3. NATIONAL LANGUAGE: I am sure by now the ‘official’ language would be Nyarwanda if it was not for fear of revolt but that is what our shameless regime is capable of doing. Both English and Swahili are foreign languages that have failed to be absorbed by the majority natives for over 100 years.

We can adopt 5 National Languages and chose one as an official language in addition to English:

1. Luganda 2. Chwezi/Lunyakitara. 3. Lukedi/Lugwere 4. Achwa/Acholi/Luo and 5. Karamajong/Atekeri.

Those are the 5 nations forming Uganda and all Ugandan languages in Uganda are a combination of the above therefore all Ugandans can easily adjust to their closest mother or father tongue. LUGANDA is the default official language because our country is called B(UGANDA) and until we change its name, we should stop unnecessary friction.

4. PRESIDENCY: The current elective system is not appropriate for Uganda. Like the United Kingdom, the Country is made up of 5 nations as listed above. Buganda, Achwa (Acholi & Langi); Chwezi (All Western Nations); Karamoja and Bukedi (All Eastern Nations).

The appropriate system is that of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) where each region has a role to play in national leadership or the alternative is the 1962 Constitutional arrangement where we adopt the UK leadership system and have the 5 regions rotate as presidents and we the educated ones vie for and compete for Premiership and the guidance and control of our Regional Governors as the case may be. Either way we need a well balanced power balance structure; An ultimate President even after the demise of #M7 is disaster for our nation.

5. CULTURAL LEADERS LAW: This is the ultimate elimination of God our Creator from the national leadership and it can only cause disaster for the nation. God decides who is born in what family and if you are born royal then you are given exceptional people leadership abilities. Keeping our royals and kings as tourist attractions and crashing their political leadership abilities is deadly and a taboo for our nation. The head of state of UK the mother of democracy is Queen Elizabeth. The Head of state of UAE is the King of AbuDhabi.

I therefore call upon all Ugandan to concentrate on fighting for an inclusive constitution. Only then can we start thinking for our selves other than have a few selfish literate people think for us.

We are Ugandan and need to think Ugandan because the constitution is Ugandan. We need to step outside the set colonial parameters under which Museveni’s secondary colonialism also thrives now.

Kyalya Walube



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