A Ugandan response to M7s 20c letter to Bobi-Wine


Hon Bobi Wine, asked, “Why should the elderly generation expect us to live with what they failed to live with 32 year ago…?

Mutabazi Kennedy

Greetings to you all fellow countrymen and women. I hope that for you the Gods are keeping you alive. For it is indeed by God’s grace that a few Gazelles exist amidst parks of hungry tigresses and lionesses.

First and foremost; Hon Bobi Wine alias Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu son of Ssentamu one of the grand fathers of the Democratic Party Uganda and independence is Member of Parliament for Kyadondo East not North as mentioned in your article.

Secondly, NRM was a party of ideology which I agree but whose ideologies of communism only worked in your time. Currently history has proven communism can not work even in China where your communist teacher Chairman Mao Tzetung was president for 40 years.

Secondly an ideology built on interest of benefiting one individual can not work anywhere. History has proven that your fellow ideologists right from 60’s who used to give you good counsel have either been pushed of the system or have not managed to survive the Darwinism in your government. You have only remained with your own students and children who can only take advice from you and can’t advise you in any thing.

In addition claiming that he is uninformed and liar for saying that the country has lost its assets is something wrong. I beg to respectfully disagree with you Mr. President. For example Uganda airlines was sold off. We have not gotten replacements up to day. In modern societies all countries even those that are the grand fathers of capitalism have national airlines for example air Airfrance Fly emirates British Airways and others. Those are businesses that require too much risks which mere individuals from the bush or streets can not run effectively.
Also saying that it increased efficiency is also misleading. Most these businesses have become so extractive to the poor citizens because of being monopolistic private enterprises Like Umeme Limited . This company even with tax subsidies, tax evasion, tax holidays and all forms of incentives have continuously reaped Ugandan citizens and according to some scientific projections is the reason why Ugandans are slipping back into poverty. The transportation companies and private individuals are crying because of high taxation and so many other forms of extraction that has hindered their expansion.

Talking about corruption. Most of the corruption scandals when followed all have foot marks in the state house. Many government projects are gazetted and money passed but nothing is done on ground. Instead of taking disciplinary action against some these officials you only give them higher ranks. What are you exhibiting in such circumstances? Case in pont The Catherine Bamugemereire probe found that over four Trillion ( 4000Billion) was not accounted out of the 8trillions meant meant for Roads.

Next your figures on employment indicate that about 20Million Ugandans are employed yet data from UBOS shows that 10million Ugandans have slipped Back into extreme poverty beyond repair. That’s where an individuals survive on less than a dollar a day. When your state house uses over 700millions in a single day.
It is clear Mr. President that your sources are far from reality.

In a nut shell Mr. Presiden it is common knowledge that more time one spends as president the more that person loses touch with what is on ground and becomes insulated with a lot lies and idealities that don’t exist. Ugandans have been generous with you but it its time to retire and save yourself from undoing what have so far. Baganda call such a situation “Amakiro” which can be translated as incident when a woman wants to eat her own baby after birth. Save the country and give us a peaceful transition of power.

I remain Mutabazi Kennedy one who was borne during the making of the constitution. That’s your Muzukulu . I beg to submit.



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