Kaihura, know your limits, Ugandans are disgusted

FUFA has today released Uganda cup draws and cranes regiona squad at FUFA house Mengo

Currently someone can sum-up Kaihura’s duty as “fighting” against Ugandans and banning whatever is  right for them.

By:   Lukyamuzi Yozefu

Am trying to figure out how as a country we got to where we are but we find ourselves in a very bogus situation in which a person called Kale Kayihura has been given lee way to dictate what is right and wrong and to determine who is free to do what and who isn’t.

Kayihura doesn’t uphold law and order as the constitution stipulates but what his state of mind tells him is what turns out to be the law.…enforcing a  hated regime onto Ugandans

By the time I have written this, I have been fed up with the stupidities associated with Uganda police’s involvement in politics.

IGP Kale Kaihura an army general who after over 10 years has failed to learn the role of police!

At a time when the country is faced with a very sensitive issue that could curtail or certify a life presidency, one side is free to organise, show support for their cause by walking the streets or donning clothes to the effect while another isn’t.
I have seen taxi drivers do a procession in town to support age limit lifting , I have seen some youths don shirts with abbreviation KALOC and am told they are at front of age limit lifting…..

On the other hand, its illegal to wear anything red on the head these days and it was even enforced at Namboole, those who are against can’t even visit their MPs as I saw with Hon. Ssegona…..

Before opposition does anything else, it should put an end to that kind of unfairness.

It is a Human Right to associate, assemble and express one self.

Perhaps that should be the first battle before any. We can’t be treated as slaves in our own land.



  1. It all comes down to ideology…some societies most notably the Chinese political system view political freedoms as a detterent to government policy and development…… I think 1986 gang falls in the same category


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