Uganda is not independent-Under worst imperialists


Eric Kashambuzi:
Today is October 9. This day marks the moment when the British flag was lowered and the Uganda flag hoisted. The Queen remained Uganda’s head of state.

The Rwanda refugees that had fled Rwanda starting in 1959 were warmly welcomed and occupied senior positions as the British officials departed.

From that moment Museveni and other refugee students at Ntare School began the plot to recolonize Uganda. The 1980 contested elections gave Tutsi refugees the opportunity with foreign backers to engage in a destructive guerrilla war that left half of Baganda in the Luwero Triangle dead and others displaced outside of the Triangle.

Prominent Ugandans were killed, jailed or forced into exile. Museveni blocked the return of Ugandans from exile. He relies on Tutsi and expatriates.
Museveni sold all the public enterprises that had been established with native tax payers money. He has never told us how much revenue was generated and where it went.

Museveni now wants Uganda land for Tutsi and foreign friends of his to grow food and raw materials for external markets.

To reduce the population growth of natives that are increasingly being replaced from the rural into urban slums where they will threaten the stability of Uganda, Museveni has trained many doctors, midwives and nurses to provide forced birth control on native population including through mass sterilization and abortion. It happened in China and India.
On this October 9, 2017 native Ugandans should use this day in their homes to plan how to deny Museveni life presidency and ownership of our ancestral land.
Museveni wants to dispossess Ugandans of their land as Tutsi did to Hutu in what later became Rwanda.
Museveni moves methodically and incrementally with foreign backing that is interested in the strategic importance of Uganda.
This is not an inter-party political matter but one between natives and non-natives that have taken over our country. We must take our country back. That is not negotiable.
Eric Kashambuzi, New York.



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