Get your hypocrisy off our party, DP tells Nakiwala Kiyingi

Nakiwala Kiyingi, takes her DP blokership to another level by parading fake DP members to please Museveni

Ugandas oldest political party, the Democratic Party (DP) has told Minister of State for Youth, Florence Nakiwala Kiyingi to set a limit for her shameless political opportunism and party ‘brokerage’ to Museveni.

“We can’t tell where she got the people she paraded from; this is a disappointment to the person of Nakiwala, all in the name of money and hypocrisy.”

The warning was made by the DP party Presidential Press Secretary, Fred Mwesigwa in a statement during the Tuesday DP press conference at City House in response to Nakiwala’s parading of a “group of DP leaders” to Museveni, Monday during the 55th Independence Day celebrations

Nakiwala presented a group of people and told Museveni these were DP leaders from the western region who attended the celebrations that had been shunned by the national party members.

[When Nakiwala  handed her husband to Museveni to prove her worth]

In a statement Fred Mwesigwa informed media that the said DP leaders are not known anywhere in the party structures-.

Nakiwala, along other DP leaders opportunistically crossed over to NRM in 2016 after the elections in the wake of “good DP” which is currently dubbed DP-NRM.
Nakiwala is reported to be in direct competition with DP’s vice president Mukasa Mbidde on who brokers more DP members to Museveni for pay.
To prove her financial opportunism she in March organized a function in Bukomansimbi on which she handed over her DP husband to Museveni 

Mwesigwa called the Monday act as a “cheap popularity shot” and urged the public never to take her serious.

To expose her further, Mwesigwa went on to clarify on DP leadership in Ankole region:

“To be open and sincere, during our elections in 2015 for renewing DP leadership, we had issues with the structures and we decided especially on LC III in Ankole sub region not to conduct any elections,” Mwesigwa said.

Mwesigwa said Nakiwala is an abuse to the title ‘owekitibwa’ and Buganda institution in general by her selfish acts:

“How can a Minister who also served in Kabaka’s administration come out with lies because she wants to get money from Museveni, by trading members of the public who claim to be DP members yet they are not leaders at all?”

He added, “We can’t tell where she got the people she paraded from; this is a disappointment to the person of Nakiwala, all in the name of money and hypocrisy.”

We were unable to reach the minister for a comment on the accusations as her phones went unpicked.


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  1. Nakiwala uv ashamed your self, parading your relatives for selfish gains has proven to us that u’r very cheap, by the way your master also knows that u’r hoodwinking,u’r not the first to play those monkey games. Shame on you.