TOGIKWATAKO: Mbale, Amolatar woman MPs survives lynch

Mbale District woman mp Connie Nakayenze Galiwango chased by residents over age limit

Mbale District woman mp Connie Nakayenze Galiwango has survived lynching by angry residents accusing her of supporting Museveni’s life presidency project.

The NRM MP had organised a consultative meeting at Nakaloke and Busiu sub-county headquarter Mbale district to consult residents on the controversial amendment of article 102( b) to delete the cap that bars a 75years old person from contesting the Ugandan presidency.

The crowd that turned up for the meeting, turned roudy soon as Nakayenze mentioned the words “Museveni pakalast”.

People simultaneously geared, booed and shouted her down and three elderly ladies with a show of might moved and grabed her from the podium and dragged her down as people cheered them on.

She was rescued by the anti riot police personnel from Mbale town andwho drove her off at break-neck speed.

The public turned anger on her public address system and NRM yellow T- shirts she had brought which they burnt into ashes as they cheered

In a related development; Celebrations to mark Uganda’s 55th Independence anniversary in Amolatar on Monday turned chaotic after residents grabbed a microphone from District Woman MP Doreen Amule for supporting the lifting of the presidential age limit.

Amule, comparing Museveni to the pope tried campaign for his project saying:

“President Museveni should also be given an opportunity to lead the country,”

This evoked jeers and boos from the crowd and some angry residents dashed to the podium and grabbing the microphone from her.

The LC5 vice chairperson then Mr Ocen, came to her rescue.


In Koboko as Anite paid 10 youths 50,000/- each to lift her shoulder high around Koboko Town, residents organised a parallel march in the town clad in the popular red ribbons.

“Our people are poor and we shall not allow to be led by old people because we need peaceful change of leadership. We don’t support this lifting of the age limit because even the value for money has gone low.” Said One of the protesters Baraka Kole

Since the unhuman attack on parliament chembers on  27th MPs supporting uplifting age limit have faced it rough with their constituents.

Simeo Nsubuga, Kakooza, Kibuule, and nearly all NRM MPs from Buganda have faced wrath of people over the same.

Each MP has recieved 20m to consult voters and the speaker has today addressed all chief whips telling them to order their MPs to go seek peoples opinion on the same