Zimbabwe war veterans vow to block Mugabe’s wife from succeeding him

Mugabe and his wife
Mugabe and his wife

Zimbabwe presidents wife, Grace Mugabe is reportedly behind all administrative decisions in her husbands government according to a revelation by war veterans who also vow to bar her from succeeding him.

The war veterans have revealed that the powerful first lady is behind all decisions including the latest cabinet reshuffle by president Robert Mugabe.

Mugabe fired three ministers this week he accused of being loyal to Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa and appointed new ones.

However after making the revelation, the veterans reassured public that  Grace will be prevented from succeeding the 93-year-old president insisting they want one of them to take over from Mugabe.

“We want them in the card that’s what I will canvass for. And also if we don’t have good leaders from the war veterans, we are for the people, we will chose from the people”, said Christopher Mutsvangwa, Zimbabwe War Veterans Association Chairman.


Mugabe has ruled the economically challenged country for the past 37 years and his party Zanu PF has already endorsed him to contest next year’s elections by which time he would be 94 years.



  1. Wat kind of stupidity are African dictators ebbing too now, from sons they are now plotting to have their wives take over Governments, ooooh mi. In many countries, spouses have looted the country either as ministers or chief agents. Thought it was enough. Now a former office messenger turned first lady wants to be a head of state? Oooooh mi. Let veterans get rid of this excrements out of Society, we are fed up in Africa.